advice and help wanted re cot bedding please

hey ladies,

I'm looking for some help and advice re cot bedding and how it all works! this may sound a bit dumb so please bear with me!

We bought the stokke sleepi cot. And I also bought fitted sheets for it (as it's round) I haven't bought any other bedding.

My question is when baby arrives - do I just put the fitted sheet on the mattress and then put her in a gro bag and thats it? or do I need to put a top sheet and blankets on too then put her in a gro bag?

Do people just have all the blankets and stuff because they look pretty? I bought a bumper too so will put that on the cot...

just wanted to know what to do!

Thanks!! X X


  • Firstly you can't use a grobag until baby is over a certain weight and their head can't fit through the neck hole so you may need other bedding before they can use the grobag anyway.

    Secondly it depends on the temperature of the room.

    Thirdly it depends on the baby.

    You just put a bottom sheet on the mattress. If the room is cold (less than 18 degrees) then you will need a blanket to put over them in their grobag. If they don't go in the grobag straight away then you need sheets to wrap them up in and then a blanket to go on top unless it is very hot in the room.

    My LO hated me wrapping him in sheets and blankets, he kicked them off and wriggled his arms free. I put him in a grobag at 3 days old (he was 8lb 6oz when he was born so was fine to use it) and he slept so much better so you may find baby doesn't like whatever you choose to do, some babies hate grobags.
  • ok thanks for the reply... I didn't know that possibly gro bags couldnt be used straight away... I have a couple of swaddling blankets so maybe just put the sheet on then baby in swaddling blanket then more blankets on top? your not meant to use duvets though are you? xxx
  • our LO was big enough for the growbabgs from birth but he hated them, our room is about 19 degrees at night and we put him in a vest and sleep suit then we have a cot sheet under him then a sheet and one cellular blanket tucked over him

    if your using the growbags you dont need sheets as its too hot and baby can overheat, the bags also come in different togs,

  • We swaddled babe at first for a couple of months as he slept so much better then used grobags. When we swaddled baby we didn't put extra blankets on as we were cautious of baby overheating. We had the grobag egg room thermometer and think it included info on how many layers to use at what temp. The advice is not to use duvets until over 12 months. My lo is almost 14 months and still in a grobag - they are great!x
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