Can a baby be allgeric to some nappys? Becuase my partner brought some Huggies Super fit for my lo while we were at his Nana's coz we ran out. She had only been in one for an hour and she did a poo so changed her nappy and she was red raw. It hurt her so much she was screaming while we tried wipe her and put some sudacream on her. Anybody else experienced this? I fell so bad about it. :cry:

Roxi xxx


  • Kelsie had trouble with the pampers nappies with aloe vera in. They seemed to make her sore. Now she has nappies without and has no rash or soreness.

  • Yep! My Luke wears pull-ups for bed (he has some dry nights but when he had wets nites, it distressed him hence keeping him in them for nights). We tried those Huggies Dry Nights (for older children - he's 4) but they brought him out in a horrendous rash on all parts where it touched! Went straight back to the normal pull-ups and he's been fine since.
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