flying inside uk with Toby

hoping someone can help me out.

I need to fly from Exeter - Norwich in August and wondered what i need to do with Toby - does he need ID - will birth certificate suffice or do i need to get him a passport

Any help as always appreicated x


  • Hi summer
    As far as I am aware, anybody flying within the UK needs to still provide a photo ID so I would presume the same would apply for babies.
    Have you checked the info with your airline as some do differ on the information they require?
  • We fly regularly withing the UK and the airlines we fly with say as long as under 16s are travelling with an adult they do not need their own ID. I'm pretty sure its the same for most airlines but mayb best to check x
  • I work for Easyjet & u don't need photo Id for under 2 flying within uk. I would carry a birth cert just incase. U flying flybe? I am almost sure their policy is same.

    Jayne xx
  • hoping flybe yes - Are you based in Devon?
  • No I'm based in Belfast!!
  • and there was i about to suggest a meet up!!
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