advice please!

hi ladies ...i need some advice regarding sophia and her feeds please image ...sophia doesnt seem to enjoy her milk at all ...even in the night when she has slept 6 hours and should be starving she is moving her head around constantly as if to try and get the bottle out of her mouth and groaning ....and i struggle to get 4oz's down her ...she settles ok and doesnt tend to have much wind but she is struggling with her pooing ,only every 3 days or so and its hard and green when she goes ..sorry tmi !...sometimes when we feed her she will gulp the 1st few mouth fulls and scream for a few minutes .....i dont want to ask the h/v yet cos there answer to everything is gaviscon ....and there giving me a hard time anyway cos she wont drink 4oz's ....

any advice appreciated xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • What about changing her milk? Maybe to a comfort milk? It may be hard for her to digest. I've not had to do that myself (although Charlotte was fussy), but i'm sure some other mum on here has had a similar situation to yours xx
  • thanks hun i could change her milk only im not sure what the difference between the normal and comfort forms ....i think ill take her the docs tomorrow and see what they say xxxx
  • Gaviscon is pretty effective stuff really...
    Gabe had bad reflux, but he liked milk and still does.

    Which milk is she on? SMA can cause constipation...Gabe was fine on SMA gold but some babies aren't. When I put him on sma white he started with constipation so I changed him to C&G which has been really good.
  • thanks ladies ...she is on sma gold and im thinking i might put her on aptamil or c&g comfort need to find out which is better i think ,i know gaviscon is good stuff jack was on it but my h/v are a bit of a pain and just use that for anything if u say baby isnt feedin or enjoyin milk they prescribe gaviscon ,maybe she does need it ill see them tomorrow so ill talk to them ...thanks again xxxxxxx
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