What Questions to ask Childminder?

Hi Ladies,

Hope you're all well? I have decided to take the plunge and put Ollie in with a childminder for 2/ 3 days a week. We both need a break from each other I think (him cos he's getting very very clingy and me cos I need to CLEAN!! :lol: )

Anyway, I have appointments to see a couple this week but does anyone know what sort of questions I should be asking them? I know to ask about their OFSTED registration certificate and their insurance but apart from that I don't really know what else to ask!

Any suggestions/ advice would be great and any first hand experience/ stories would help too!

Thanks girls xxx image


  • When we were visiting nurseries, I googled questions to ask and there are a few sites that list suggested questions, here's the BBCs suggestions for childminders:-
    -How long have you been working with children?
    -What made you decide to work in this area?
    -What training have you had and do you have any qualifications?
    -Have you done your first aid training?
    -What do you like about working with children?
    -How will you encourage good behaviour in my child?
    -How many children do you look after, and how much individual attention will my baby or child receive?
    -What sort of food and drink will you provide for my child?
    -What will my child do all day? Do you have a routine that will help him settle in with you? This is also a good time to bring up the TV question - in some homes it's on all day as a matter of course.
    -Where will my child sleep during the day? Can I see the room and/or the cot?
    -Do you go out to play at the park or toddler clubs regularly?
    -How will you let me know how my child is getting on?
    -Do you smoke?
    -Have you got public liability insurance?
    -When was your last Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) inspection and can I read the report online?

    If you google "Questions for childminders", you should get a few good links come up.

    Good luck finding one who's right for you and Ollie
  • Those are fab MJ- thank you very much for this and I will definitely be googling like mad tonight!! xxx
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