Any one have any idea of different finger foods i can give my lo for lunch cos im sure he must be bored of what he has most day, i know i am.

At the mo he has sandwiches (jam, cheese and dairylea, was thinking of trying ham)
Tried pasta, cucmber and carrot sticks already but to no avail, he just wont swallow them.
Will probably try again soon.

So..... does anyone else have any other ideas that you give your little ones for lunch as a finger food.



  • fish fingers,toast,
    if you go onto the born in july 2008 forum there is a list of differnent ones.

  • brilliant, thanks, i will have a look. xx
  • If you fancy baking you could cook him some sausage rolls? I've been thinking about doing some for my lo. Go onto Annabel Karmel's website, there are lots of ideas on there and recipes.
    What about different fruits like pear & apple?
  • Cheese on toast is a good one, and hard boiled egg.
    I also buy the organix snacks which are good sides if you havent got time to make anything up.

  • cool, thanks girls, im def gonna try the hard boiled egg and toast, and also sausage rolls
  • hmm is he too young for crackers?? breadsticks with dips ..i give jack philidelphia dips but their is all sorts of different ones ...homous etc ...he might even eat the carrot sticks and cucumber with a dip to dip it in ...jack does ...xxxxxxx
  • i never thought of putting them in a dip, actually, i shall try it and see what he does.

    We tried the ham sandwiches today which went down very well and also some tomato which he found strange, but i think he liked.

  • sorry guys, ignore all of this just trying to work out how to add my lillypie bar thingy

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