About to start weaning and starting to panic!


My DD is 5 months today so I am starting to think about weaning more and more. I am just about to order my books and we are going to look at high chairs next week.

I have got my head around purees (I think) and I am hoping to maybe go more down the babyled route but my question is do you serve the food warm to LOs and what is the best way to reheat the food if you do not have a microwave?

Sorry for what probably is a really stupid basic question but I am not fully confident in the kitchen with out following recipe step by step and the serving of the food is something that is playing on my mind as I obviously don't want to do it wrong and make my LO ill? My mind as gone blank!



  • Not a really stupid question at all! I still struggle with food temperature and Peter is 16 months and eating like a champion.

    As far as reheating food without a microwave is concerned, the options are a) a thermos flask (put the piping hot food in and seal) or b) if you are using jars, a jug of boiling water to pop the food into as you would a bottle of milk. Give it a good stir and voila! Even if you plan to make mainly home-cooked food, having a couple of empty baby food jars to reuse (once well cleaned) can be invaluable when out and about. I always found making fruit pur????es a complete faff (I still mix them in with his breakfast cereal) so I ended up with a lot of jars that I used to store food in if I was taking him out. But if you are doing blw, sandwiches are by far the easiest thing to give them as finger food at that age. You just have to be totally impervious to the mess they will make in public!

    Otherwise, as we did blw, I tended to just to serve his food as it was cooked, leaving it to cool to a reasonable temperature. Leftovers I reheat in the oven or on the stove top as I would with my own food (and disposing of anything that doesn't get eaten after one reheating/defrosting). You do have to be very careful as a burnt mouth will cause total meltdown which is the last thing you want at mealtimes, but letting freshly cooked food cool to an edible temperature won't make your lo ill. The only things likely to do that are undercooked meat/eggs, poor hygiene (not washing your hands) and reheating food that has already been reheated once.

    Hope that all makes sense. If you can, try to relax and have fun with it. Weaning can be a real pleasure if you let it be.
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