Which breast pads???

Hi ladies, hope you dont mind me g/c from pregnancy. I am looking for advice and opinions on which are the best breast pads to buy. I know I want disposables but other than that I have no idea what to go for!!. I like th look of the boots slim pads, and they seem to have pretty good reviews but if anyone has any personal recommendations I would love to hear them, Like everything else related to babies and pregnancy, the choices are baffling!! Thanks


  • I found the Tommee Tippee are the best for me...no other ones would stay in the right place- these have sticky bit on the back which goes on your bra so helps!And they soak up lots. I have washable ones too- which are fab and much more comfy so if you not completely against them you could give them a try I got a pack of 6 so 3 pairs from Babies/Toys rus for about ??4-5?
  • i liked the TT one too, i got loads of free samples from the bounty packs and parenting clubs, i didnt like boots own as they were quite sweaty (this was winter too!) asda ones were ok but the TT ones were definatly better they are usually on offer too i got a load cheap at tesco last year x

    good luck x
  • the TT ones were fine for me to start with, but i found once my milk came in, they didnt absorb enough and milk would soak through my bra, so i tried the johnsons thick ones, they were great, they also have a sticky bit on the back to keep them in place.

    ashy x
  • I tried numerous own brands, and finally found the tommee tippee ones, and i LOVED them. I had so much milk and fast let down, in anything else i'd end up soaked, but the TT ones were a lot more absorbant for me, will be using them this time round too!
  • Another vote for TT - tried them, johnsons & sains own and TT the best by far x
  • i didn't get on with the TT ones, hated sticky backs! my faves were johnsons, but morrisons own were a very very close second and were less than half the price so i stuck with those, theyre shaped so are comfy and made more of like panty liner material rather than sanitary pad, iyswim? ,so no clumping together, plus as they weren't sticky oens they were easy to remove and reposition for feeds. x
  • +1 for Johnsons, I've found them by far the most comfortable. I tried Boots and Sainsburys and found them both really irritating round the edges.
  • Hi thanks for all your replies, I will definately look into the tommy tippe ones as they seem to be quite popular. The reason I had decided against washable ones as I imagined that I would need an awful lot and they would be in the wash all the time? I guess everyone differs, but can you give me an idea of how often i would need to change them? I have no idea how many pairs I am likely to get through in a day. Thanks
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