FAO Cheeky Wipe Users

Hi ladies,

I'm new to using my cheeky wipes and I wondered if the ladies who use them could give me some advice as my baby brain is making me thick!!

I'm not going through a full set of wipes a day yet and the instructions say to fling the mucky bag in the wash and then put new water/essential oil in the clean wipes box, my question is if there is still some left in the clean wipes box do I just put them to the top as in my baby brain I was thinking that they would then be getting two doses of essential oil stuff and was worried it might hurt LO's bum??

My other question is how long can the mucky wipes stay in the mucky wipe box?? Should I be putting them on everyday or can I do it every second? I have a set of 50 wipes, although I'm only using 25ish?

I have to say that I'm loving them, the house smells so nice!!

Thanks for any advice!!



  • Hey, I put the freshly washed wipes under the ones already in the box so that they don't sit in the bottom and get musty. I've run out of essential oils so have just been putting the wipes into the box damp from the washing machine with no extra water then running them under the warm tap before using them - so they're warm and fresh!

    I have two sets of wipes so I only wash about every 3 days or so, just stick them in with the nappies.

    They are fantastic aren't they! Even my child-minder loves them now too. Have just ordered another pack to have downstairs as I've started weaning!!!-i'm addicted!

  • I keep reading about people raving about these cheeky wipes, what makes them so special? I am using re-usable wipes at the mo anyway, is there something very different about them, should I get some.....are they that good? :\?
  • thanks mybutler- that's what i thought but just wanted to check!!

    sarah-jb i am new to the reusable scene and they have made the switch so easy, as i haven't used anything else i couldn't comment!! They are so handy and soft on lo's bum, im definately converted!!! oh and the smells lovely!!!
  • They're not THAT special, a cut up terry towelling square is just as good but they come with little travel bags and lovely essential oils that smell yummy, google them and you'll see!
  • they are easy and the travel pack is useful. i bought some wipes from weenotions, but had to use a lunch box to store and buy essenial oil. with cheeky wipes its all in the kit. also i like the towelling better than the feece weenotions ones.
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