Question about 6 week growth spurt

Hello. James was 6 weeks yesterday, and normally goes nearer 4 hours between feeds, usually polishing off 4-5 oz (120-150mls). Overnight and throughout today he's been wanting a bottle 3 hourly, well the last one was 2.5 hours. But he's only taking 2.5 oz (about 70-80 mls). Is this usual for a growth spurt, for the amount of bottles to go up, but the amount to go down? Or should the bottle amount increase but the amount of milk taken stay the same? I've just started using TT anti-colic bottles, and he's finding it harder to get the milk out, feeding is taking longer. Just wondering if he could be getting tired, and just giving up trying! Thanks for any help. xx mithical and James 6 weeks 1 day.


  • I have a 6 week old too, I am currently BF but give LO a bottle last thing before she goes down, I have tried the TT and like yours mine struggled, I think, so I reverted back to the avent which she seems to prefer she takes between 2.5 and 4oz, there doesn't seem to be any routine to it either.
    I have been told that babies want to feed constantly during growth spurts, because I am BF I can't tell how much mine takes but she is never on that long, I can only guess this is because they want to stimulate you to produce more so maybe it isn't the taking on more at each sitting but to stimulate you to produce more......the same theory can be applied to bottles, if it is in babies nature to feed little and often during groeth spurts then it doesn't matter whether this is from a boobie or bottle??? Errmmmm does that make sense???

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  • Hi, thanks for your reply. Little and often does make sense. Just think he'd be sleeping a bit more as well. He has hardly slept today at all. xx
  • oooooo well we have just read the 6 week bit in our baby book week by says that because baby is now focussing on your facial features and other things they are becoming more social, they begin to resist sleep as they want to stay awake, be warned they will be grouchy this week as they want to feed more and become over tired, try not to let baby go for more than 2 hours without a snooze!!!

  • Thanks for that it's really helpful. :\) He's usually grouchy when it comes to sleeping, because he won't settle himself. Also suffers with colic, so can take up to 2.5 hours to get him to sleep in the evening! He's kinda dozed today. Is properly asleep on me now though. But still having a little wriggle now and again, as if he's going to wake. Dare not put him down otherwise he's bound to wake up. Thanks again hun. xx
  • It may well be a growth spurt, but usually, from my experience, the amount of milk taken increases during a growth spurt. If he's taking less milk & taking longer to feed I would maybe consider increasing the teat size. He may well be getting tired on the smaller one (if you are using size one), and that may be why he's taking bottles more often.

    It took Poppy a while to get used to the bigger teats, but she now takes a feed in around 10 mins and is much less colicky. You could try using a sterile needle to make the hole bigger in one of the size one teats, and if this works, you could repeat it with the others. xx
  • Thanks for your reply honey. He took his usual amount of milk at 7, and it took about half an hour. I'll see how it goes at the moment. OH and I have both had a cold, James hasn't shown any signs of it, but I'm wondering if it's affecting him a little. xx
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