What are your weeks like?

hi everyone, I pinched this topic from 'toddler', I'm just nosey! I was wondering what you all do in the week, what activities etc, or staying home, seeing friends. We go to three baby groups a week, meet with friends twice a week but I'm getting better at sometimes just staying home and relaxing with LO. We do things in the afternoon mostly as baby sleeps well in the morning for naps. So what do you do?


  • abit more tricky now i am working

    i am always out the hosue by 9am - we go to the library and crawl to different book - go to costa and play on the sofa (while mummy has caffiene fix. Soft play areas at 9am are desserted so if raining we go there and have a good half and hour to our selves before anyone else turns up. Usually out for lunch with friends blw picnics etc. try to be back for 1.30pm for tobys nap so i can do housework and prepare food.

    I dont really have time for baby groups but meet friends at least once a day - i met alot on netmums as well as baby massage etc.

    when toby wakes at 3pm if sunny we go to the park and have an alfresco bottle if raining we just chill at home usually just the 2 of us. i love our reading time where he keeps looking up at me just to check i am still there - ohhh he is scrumtious x
  • Hello

    From September our week is going to be something like this:

    Monday AM - Rythm time and then lunch at my dad and stepmums as they have my nephew on a Monday
    Monday PM - possibly messy play with some friends

    Tuesday PM - I have been goin to a breast feeding group so may still go or find something else to do

    Wednesday AM - sing along and play group

    The rest of the time is normally filled with seeing and catching up with friends or doing things at home. I am currently waiting the autumn timetables for the surestart centres to come out so they may be filled with groups.

    You can probably tell we like being busy lol
  • monday- bumps and babies, then home as hubby has mondays off.
    tuesday- archie goes to pre-school, hubby goes to work, me and phoebe go food shopping, then we go to FILs house in the afternoon
    wednesday- i leave this day completely free of housework or baby groups so that i can see friends/my mum etc
    thursday- archie goes to pre-school, hubby goes to work, me and phoebe go to stay and play
    friday- archie goes to pre-school, hubby goes to work, me and phoebe go to get her weighed and stop for a chat as its at the sure start centre.

    thurday and friday will change in jan as im back to work, booooo!x
  • ooh this is interesting - we;ve just started getting out and about so have
    monday - baby sensory
    tuesday - have been to cranial oseopathy but this is finished so seeing friends this week
    wednesday - breast buddies
    thursday - local playgroup
    Friday - have been going to bf one to one clinic but don't really need to at the moment so will probably see my mum/gran/go for a walk
    Saturday - see friends/mum
    Sunday - swimming at my gym as kids are allowed in at the weekends

    We love being busy! lo is much more settled if we get out and about and loves his pushchair. I'm also hoping to squeeze in a bit of sing and sign, and mum and baby pilates before I go back to work!
  • this might give me some ideas lol...

    on mondays we go to baby massage
    tuesdays we go to baby sensory
    wednesday is our 'lazy day' when we usually just stay in
    thursday we go mother and baby group and baby clinic every few weeks for weight
    friday is our day for having visitors or going to visit people or just going to the shops...

    our groups are on in the mornings so in afternoon its usually just a walk in the park and then play time in the house singing lots of songs etc.

    After her vaccines we plan to take her swimming at weekends (starting water babies in november) and we go out for the day as thats when we have 'family' time and then i am also happy to go to bounce and rhyme classes as well....

    Megan loves being out and only tends to sleep during the day in her car seat and sometimes in the pram but she is quite happy when we have lazy days too...

  • We do not go to baby groups. I find that I want to kill most of the local mums after about five minutes in their company. We go to the park a lot, and visiting friends/my sister when she's home from Uni. We bake a lot. I tried to teach DD to knit but that didn't end well.

    I suspect we will probably be less active after DD starts school in ten (eeek!) days, I'll be confined to the local area for drop off and pick up times and I won't have a four year old to entertain! I'm actually looking forward to just chilling out at home and spending some one on one time with DS, he's not had me to himself at all since we came home from hospital, poor lamb.
  • I also find baby groups difficult, but mainly because im on my own with 2 babies and I get really fed up with the 'pitty-ing' looks and comments! People dont know what to say to someone with twins, who arent the easiest of babies, so I tend to get ignored.

    I have been back at work since April, but have been on summer hols for 5 weeks. I go out every day. I tend to see family, especially my sister who's little boy is 2 months and she is fab with the boys so takes some of the pressure off. I also walk miles, to the park, round town, anywhere.

    I like my own company though, which does help! lol
  • We are starting baby massage on mondays, tues we do buggy bootcamp, wed dinner at my parents, thurs free, fri lunch with a friend, sat-free, sun dinner at my parents!
    LO is only 8 weeks so we're still finding our feet but i try to get out and about as he's so hard to entertain for more than 5 mins!
  • my 5 year old has lots of wee friends in the street so over the summer hols we have been mainly at home as he gets to play with his friends, of course we go to the park a couple of times and always do a minimum of 2 family visits a wee and at least 1 day with friends.

    LIke maenad said im looking forward to proper time with ds2 as ds1 goes back to school on Tuesday I also think it will begood as i can get house chores done while ds2 sleeps without having to look after ds1 so that when i pick him up from school we should be able to go to the park etc etc, baby clubs are starting up so i'll go to my normal babyclub on monday and then M&T group on a Tuesday and am going to start taking ds2 swimming may be a thursday morning as i'm not allowed in the pool with 2 kids lol and ds1 has a swimming lesson during hte week any way so its fair on both of that makes sense
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