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Weaning - using cows milk.

My baby is coming up to 6 months old now, I started feeding him solids just after 4 months as he didnt seem satisfied on just milk.
I have read in a few places that I can now start to give him whole milk, but when I brought some from the shop I didn't realsise till I got home that the label actually states not to give to babies under 1.
Can anyone help me out here? Its just for breakfast as I want to start using ready brek as there isn't enough in the cereals designed for babies, it lasts about a week! Thanks, Jodie

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  • do you breastfeed jodieg?? You can use full fat milk for mixing a bit in to make foods softer etc but not as a main drink or for cereal's until they're 1... I stopped buying the baby cereal for daniel before he turned 1 because of the expensive and just bought asda's own ready brek or weetabix and made up 3/4 oz of his formula milk ... :\) There's nothing bad in full fat milk, it's that before 1 yr babies struggle to digest it and it doesn't provide all the goodness that breastmilk/formula does. daniel is 19 motnhs now and he has his formula milk still for bedtimes & morning, water in the day time and full fat milk on his weetabix.
  • Millie is 8 months and still breastfed. We use formula to make up her breakfast (I have ever got the hang of expressing) and whole cows milk for cooking. Wenders is right, cows milk is fine as an extra, but not to replace formula or breastmilk.
  • Thanks so much for your replies, they were really helpful.
    No I don't plan to replace his formula with whole milk just weren't sure if it was safe to use for cereal but as wenders put I may just make up the cereal with formula.
    Thanks again, Jodie
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