Did you know that your waters were going to break?

I have been getting alot pain down below and bedding in feeling and sometimes i can feel pressure in the bum and lady parts. Sometimes it feels like my waters are going to break.

Did anyone know their waters were going to break or was it a complete surprise?



  • Nope! But then mine did break at 36+2 so wasn't quite expecting it. Having said that I was on a mad nesting spree that week and was determined to get everything ready before Christmas despite not being due until 13th January - and my waters broke on 18th December so something somewhere must have been telling me she was going to come early! But not a physical feeling, no.

    How many weeks are you? I think a lot of pressure down below is fairly common in the last trimester.

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx
  • Thanks NattyNik, i am due on Friday. x
  • nope, my waters broke 4 mins before i gave birth with dd2 and not long before i had dd1 either! but was definatly in labour before they broke x
  • I had been in labour for about 15 hours when mine broke! It was such a relief, although I did nearly drown the MW :\)
  • I had been in labour for about 15 hours when mine broke! It was such a relief, although I did nearly drown the MW :\)

    That cracked me up Cath :lol:

    No! I got up at 5am and felt something 'wasnt right' and went into the bathroom where they went on the floor. It was just a trickle for me though and not a gush!
  • no. mine went at 32 weeks and dd was born 4 hours later so wasnt expecting it. i felt a pop and then my jeans were wet just thought i had had a little wee as my waters just trickled rather than a big gush that i was expecting
  • Similar to Sarahboo really - woke up early and felt a bit wierd, but was a week overdue so not unusual, went to the loo and pop!
  • No, i was dreaming about babies and this forum actually when i woke up and need a pee. Then i felt a bit of pressure and noticed i'd been peeing for quite a long time and it didn't stop. Ha ha. I was 41+2 at the time so it should have been expected but i wasn't ready as the midwife had tried to perform a sweep 2 days before and i wasn't favourable so i was all ready to be induced!
  • I had the heavy/pressure feeling like the others have mentioned for a while, but apart from that I had no idea. I was so convinced I'd go over, so was a bit suprprised when they went a week before dday. Was not the huge gush either that you see on TV, I was on the loo, and when I stood up thinking I'd finished, water kept coming out, and I was a bit, oooh, that's odd, but then it just kept coming and was more a cloudy colour, so though, ooh eck, I think that must be it!! (It also kept coming out all day which I had no idea it would do!!! I though once they went that was it!!!

    Good luck and try not to worry tho, and apparently only 15% of labours start from waters going, so if they do, you're very lucky!
  • Mine went while I was being examined at 8/9 cm after having pains for the past 40hours, of that 26hours were unmistakeable contractions that stopped me from talking x
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