Tens machine when in labour??

Hi Ladies and babies!

Hope you are well. Just wondered if anyone used a tens machine when you was in labour?? and if you did, did it help you?? Also any ideas on where to rent them from??

Samantha xx


  • I rented one fomr Boots and in all honesty it was either broken or it made not a damned bit of difference. But that's just me. My friend used hers for hrs at home and said when it eventually came off she realised just how much it had been helping her and that she would never have lasted so long without it. S x
  • I used one and found it very helpful- I made it to 7-8cm on just the tens and really noticed the difference when I eventually took it off to get into the pool.

    We found one on eBay which was unused and ended up costing slightly less than it would have been to hire one- worth checking out, especially if you are planning more than one child!
  • i used one of the hospitals (Chesterfield) and it made no difference for me at all. I had it on full whack right from the beginning and it didnt effect me at all....
  • I rented one from Mothercare (??30 for four weeks) and used it from early in labour until I was put on gas and air almost as soon as I got to hospital. I found it really helpful, especially in the car when I couldn't lean forward to ease the pain. But everyone reacts differently.
  • I borrowed one from my midwife and was very impressed. I managed to get to 9 and half cm dilated with just that. Found the continuous pulsing really helped my dreadful back pain - didn;t like the boost button though. Would definitely recommend. x
  • Ok thanks everyone i think i will look about renting or buying one at least if it doesnt help i did have it there incase it did help!! xx
  • Hi Sorry me again!

    What model would you all reccommend?? i want to get one but dont want to buy one that wont be good!

    Thanks xx
  • I had one, it was an elle one I think. From here
    I ordered it on the saturday after i'd gone on maternity leave and it arrived on the monday or tuesday, I sent it back late and didn't get charged so I was happy!!

    LO was back to back and I had a lot of backache in labour and the tens really helped iwth that - although I didn't think it was doing any good until I had to take it off for the epidural and realised it hurt more without it lol.

    I did find the boost button confusing though and gave up trying to turn it off and on and just left it on all the time.
  • I used one when I was in labour just 5 weeks ago. You have to have it on from the very beginning of labour or its not as effective. I found it really useful and I managed to get to 5cm with it (at which point had to take it off to have an epidural). You can buy them new from amazon cheaper that renting them! I bought a mamatens machine from amazon think it cost approx ??19. The mama tens machine is easy to use. It has a boost button for when having a contraction and different pulses for the different stages of labour (allows intensity to be increased).

    Good luck
  • Hello I used one and loved it. It really helped me. I brought mine off ebay as I have back trouble anyway and continue to use it now. I will be using it again with this labour.

    X X X
  • Thanks everyone for all your replies! I am going to get the mama tens one i think but definately want one! Thanks again! xxx
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