Newborn Nappies

Hi Ladies

I am starting to stock up on nappies wipes etc, how many packs of newborn nappies do you think I should buy? How many do you get through a day?

Annette xx


  • Hi Amanda

    Nice to hear from you hows it going being a Mummy? xx
  • Hehe Annette, your tiny scan pic makes me giggle!

    I'd recommend buying one pack of every brand of newborn nappy out there - that way you'll have plenty and you'll find the ones you prefer (I didn't like Pampers, for example, but got on well with Tesco own).

    Good luck with everything! When is your baby due?
  • Thanks pink toothbrush, I have tried to make my scan pic bigger but don't know how to do it???? Due in August trying to get organised find out the sex in 2 weeks xx
  • it might be worth getting a few packs but not too many cuz u don't know how big baby is going to be! i had 4 packs of newborn, 2 packs of size 2 and a pack of 3 and 4, JJ wasnt really in newborn nappies for very long but was in size 2's for quite a while! x
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