we had a very scary night faith was taken into hospital

ONG wont a night it started yesturday she start weezing in morning as time went by it got worse it got to point that she struggling to breath we rushing her A and E she was seen by the doctor they though it might bronchialitus she had chest x'ray when she addmited on the children ward were kept close eye on her. she doing better now they think was asthma attack. i had no sleep faith feeling very sorry for self we are going try and get some sleep now


  • oh hun that must of been very scary hope shes feeling better soon Tyler had something similar at 3 weeks but they wont officially diagnose astma in babies under 2. Has she got a spacer to help her breathing? I sympathise with you hun its not nice for babies or mummies. Hope u get some rest. keep us updated babe xx
  • if it helps...my son was 9 months old when this happened. He has since been fine but with the odd non serious asthma flare up..No hosp admissions needed though thank goodness.
    Hope you get some sleep and make sure you get follow up appnt to find out what meds she can have.

    d x
  • Poor little Faith she really is going through the mill...and you as well! Take care & hope she is better soon x
  • Poor Faith! hope you both feel better soon
  • Oh no, poor Faith! You must have been so worried about her. Hope you've both managed to catch up on your rest now and that Faith is feeling better.

  • bless ya i kno how it feels spending a nite on a childrens ward and the worry of it all, glad she seems better now xxxx
  • Poor Faith - hope she is feeling better soon.
  • Poor Faith I hope she starts to feel better soon. They are such a worry god love them and they are so helpless. Hope you have a better 2009.
  • God I so know what you're going through. Thankfully it was just one night, and as long as she continues to recover she will be fine.
    bronchiolitis is 'doing the rounds' at the moment - when Ollie was in the nurses said they could usually fill the ward with babies on oxygen due to it from the start of nov to the end of feb (not very reassuring when your lo is on oxygen...) but it can take a while to clear - anything up to 8 weeks.

    Hopefully Faith will get better very quickly, and you can both get some much needed rest.

    Sending big hugs
  • thank you all for the message of support she end up have bad night last high temp be sick . i just feel so sorry for the the boys they sore all this going on as they came to hospital until mum took them away so when the woke up me faith were not there and andy said they so upset some time you for get about how it affects the rest of the family.
    i am just hopeing she does not end up back in
    worried mum
  • Oh Carrie, you poor thing! Faith really is having a hard time at the moment. Big hugs on the way to you all!
  • God you poor things. Hope you and the family are feeling better soon. x
  • Oh gosh, how worrying for you all. I hope Faith is better now & the docs can help her out.
    Sarah xx
  • just to let you now Faith doing better now she was only in for a day and end up on steroids that made big diffrence to her she still weezing abit she only just started to eat again.
  • Glad she's on the mend and hopefully you will get some rest now too x
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