i have 2 already, 1 on my back, 1 on my foot. ever since i was pg with finley iv wanted one of his name.
anyway my question is where should i have it? i want to be able to hide it if i want to eg when i go to my i have been recommended a good tattooist and seen his work. just need a


  • depending on the legnth of your hair what about the base of your neck

    you are braver than me!

  • Hey hun,

    I have Amber on the back of my neck, I have long hair so cover it up if I need to. If you want to see what it looks like on neck I will put a piccy on here for you xx
  • xxAmyAmberxx - that would be good. i like it on other people so defo a

    Here you go hun, I love it and am always getting compliments from people about it xx
  • I've got 1 just bigger than the palm of my hand on my shoulder blade n as Naz7 said, unless i wear a vest top it's unseen!
  • that tattoo is gorgeous, i love the lettering. i would have it on my shoulder blade but im gettin wed in aug and have a strapless dress!!xxx
  • I like really unusual places for tattoos. I'm getting Harry's footprint with his name on my ribcage, but i was going to get his name done in scrawly writing just under my bra at the back. Sounds weird but it looks really good. Also love it on the ankle. xxx
  • well iv rung the tattooist and goin next weds evenin. im so excited.wahoo. i think im gonna get it on my ankle. i may change my mind thank you for all your
  • whalemummy i have max's handprint, name and date of birth tattooed at the base of my neck and my husband has his footprint. i love the idea coz no-one will ever have exactly the same. here's mine.

  • Hiya im gatecrashing from due in june lol sorry but i got em on my foot, my ankle, my wrist, my shoulder and the back of my neck and the only 1 thts tricky to cover is my wrist (OH name) my son is on my shoulder, 3 shooting stars on my foot, a bow on my ankle and a similar design to the henleys logo but wiv a heart on top on my neck Gemma xxx
  • lol, i sound like a right wimp, i want a tatto but have to be able to hide it as im scared of my i love her to bits but she hates tattoos and piercings so have to hide them from xxx
  • i am loving this post! i have a tatoo on my back and one on my right foot. dh has a massive one which stretches from one shoulder, across his back and to the other shoulder. i have been thinking for ages about getting another one and now evie is here i would like to get something which celebrates her arrival. i have always wanted one on the inside of my wrist or the nape of my neck, think i might make myself an appointment at teh tatooists to see what ideas they can come up! oooooo this is exciting! xxxxx

  • i love what iv
  • i am in the same situation i want Paige Olivia & Lillian Poppy but dont know where to have it!! ive got 1 on my tummy, 1 on my shoulder and 1 right side of the bottom of my back!!
  • im not a thin lady so dont want one on my stomach. havin it on my ankle i think, i wear trousers alot - my mum can just beat
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