First shoes help!

Hi everyone!

I went to look for Ruby's first shoes today and made the mistake of going with my Mum! That sounds awful but I came out feeling completely confused! It's such a big milestone and now i'm all stressed!

Ruby is only 9 months but has always been very forward,doing everything early. She's not quite walking but has been cruising the furniture for over a month now. Clarks do shoes for cruising and thought they'd be perfect. It's more to keep her feet warm if i'm honest as she is always pulling her socks off in her buggy and it's so cold now. (She wont keep those bootie things on!).

Then my Mum said she didn't see the point in shoes until she has been walking for a while, which I agree but having spoken to the lady in Clarks previously, I now believe that the cruising shoes are good for them as they help support their feet and gets them up and walking. My Mum also thinks it will damage her feet and will really restrict her movement. We watched her playing when we came home and she was on her knees and my Mum said she wouldn't be able to do that for example.

This sounds so silly now but it's little things like when she's at playgroup and walking with those push-along walker thingys she's always slipping as only has her socks on. It doesn't seem to bother her and just gets up again but I feel that she'd really benefit from some cruisers.

Am I being silly and she really doesn't need them?

Would really appreciate your advice, and wether you went for the cruisers or not!

Thank you,

Amy xx


  • Hi Amy. Haven't spoken to u for so long (its heather from feb forum) I was thinking of getting some cruisers for matthew cos he is cruising the furniture to. I think they are a good idea. Sorry, cant offer no advice tho. Hope you and ruby are well! Hope ur managing well while dean is away! lotsa love me and my boys xxxx
  • Personally all three of my kids wore Clarks cruisers and babe, she's your kid not your mums. I dont mean to sound harsh but if you want her to wear them go for it.
    It sounds like you already new what you wanted and got advice before from the lady in Clarks.
    My MIL was dead against mine wearing any sort of shoes until they were walking properly but I felt they needed them as like yours at toddler group or in walker they were a bit slippy in socks.
    Clarks are pretty good at getting size/shape/ fitting of shoes right so I really dont see a reason to worry about them restricting your lo's feet. And if you feel they are not quite right for her they will always refit/measure again, even a week later. Free of charge.
  • i got them for my older two and will get them again for charlie when he is old enough (he is only 5 weeks old at the moment)
    they never did any damage to either of there feet and did help when walking around our house as there are wodden floors in our house and in socks they were always slipping.
  • Hello

    My lo wore cruisers and loved them - they helped her balance and stability. She only wore them for short periods so I don't think thre's any harm.
  • MrsT - my bil used to work for Clarks at a local Mothercare and he told me exactly what you have just said! Poppy cruised round the furniture for 6 weeks ish before finally letting go and walking. We waited until she had been walking properly for about a month before getting her first shoes from Clarks - that was 6 weeks ago and she's due to be measured again soon. At ??30 ish per pair I wouldn't rush into shoes before necessary!!
    But, it is your baby and if you want cruisers, buy them!!
  • My sister in law works in clarks and specialises in the children shoes, and she says that it does slow down their development and that its best to leave them in bare feet or socks for as long as possible, there was more to it than that but i cant quite remember, however when tegan was cruising the furniture confidently, standing alone and attempting to take those first few steps, i bought her some as like your lo she wont keep socks on and as we take her to the park alot we ouldnt of had her going around with nothing on her feet. so i think only you can make this descision as shes your baby and you know whats best xxx
  • Awe... I love their first shoes. I must be honest and say I wouldn't buy them yet...

    For two reasons: The first being I have always been recommended to keep them in soft soled shoes as long as possible

    The second it's a lot of money for shoes they grow out of immediately. I found that once they start walking properly their feet spread/ grow quickly and it probably takes those 6 weeks to stabalize their foot size. So you'll buy a cute size two, it'll be too small in a week, then go buy a pair in two.5 and so on... 100 pounds later and her feet are a size four and you have no money left for the shoes she now needs.

    Saying that. I genuinely believe that there is nothing wrong with buying her the shoes if you want them. They will look completely adorable, and they will complete her little outfits and you can always keep them for her memory box. I don't think properly fitting shoes will do any harm, it's just their feet change shape and size soooo fast during this period it's hard to keep up.

    I kept mine in shoo shoes, and Robeez (I love these) until about 18 months. They are really good, machine washable, and keep them from slipping. Mine wore them out at the playground and they aren't as easy to pull off as some.

    They also do boots if you want to keep her feet warm

    At the end of the day though she's your little one. You only get to do this once with her and so if you are ready and she's ready go for it. The very worst thing that will happen is she'll grow out of them really fast image (kind of like all those adorable newborn outfits we buy because well they are gosh darn cute)


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  • I thought clarks cruisers were soft soled shoes? i thought they were specially designed for babies who are startting to walk and who are standing? I an sure they are soft soled shoes with crips on them!!
  • mine have had cruisers and i found them fab they helped them walk and the did with my friends boy too as soon as they tried them on im in the shop he took off and walked !!!!!! i normally ask for .5 of a size bigger so they last a little longer
  • I've just looked at the cruisers online and they look gorgeous!!
    I do have a thing against babies wearing shoes as their feet need to be able to grow but I do put lo in booties and some soft soled trainers that she was given when we go out to stop her feet getting cold.
    Having looked at the cruisers I think they are a good idea - hopefully a half way shoe between walking shoes and booties! As others have said to wait 6 weeks from when they start walking, maybe wait until after christmas and then see how you feel about them?
  • Hello my daughter has Cruser shoes she is 14 months and had them since she started cruising around 11 months. I was adviced by a physo to put my daughter in shoes as her little toes cross under her next toes. I was told that the shoes would protect her toes and it does not restrict them in anyway. Freya loves her shoes and is much safer in them then just her socks especially at toddler group and they keep her toes warmer in this weather.

    Maybe next time don't go with your mum and ask for advice from the staff there.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
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