Nappies and Poo!

Everytime my lo does a poo just lately, 9 times out of 10 it ends up all up his back! Does this happen to anyone else? or perhaps I'm not doing them up tight enough around his waist?

I use pampers active fit size 3 he weighs about 16lbs


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  • I never find pampers that great - huggies superdry are quite good as they have a tape thingy and don't gape at the back. I love boots nappies too.

    However, some lo's just have up-the-back poos, and Gabe is one of them! He has at least 3 of those "soaking right up the vest" poos a week. Lovely...
  • evie always poos around the nappy,lol right up to her neck! she is 15lb 7oz and in size 4 pampers, i moved on to size 4 coz of the poo up the back. xx
  • Did the size 4 nappies make any difference?

    And I use huggies superdry at night, I might start using them all the time, when I've used all the pampers. I only get pampers because I get double boots points on those!
  • IMO you cant beat Tescos own nappies and that bit cheaper helps!maybe try a bigger size and see if this helps,cant hurt!
  • I also use tesco's i find them better than pampers which i used at first, i have nt experienced 1 of those poo's yet though......half the price too x
  • Might have to buy a pack of Tescos ones to try them too!

    Thanks for the replies!
  • i use the huggies superdry at night size 3 millie is around 12lb i sometimes get a tiny bit on her vest but not all the time. i use the huggies natural fit ones in the day i find these really good and have none come out of them xx
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