What Drink would you be?

I'm a Dry white wine..

Dry Humour

White and pasty!

Wine.. lol so my OH sometimes tell me when i'm nagging about the X.Box! :lol:

Or a

Martine lol cause that's my middle name!

lol so Girls, Whose sweet or fruity a bit bitter or any other funny analogy's of themselves turned into a drink!

lol look at me working hard to get BE back to where it should be at lol! I was laying in bed last night thinking about these posts! :lol: what a sado I am!! haha! xx


  • id be a shiraz.

    full bodied, warm and spicy............................................. and headache inducing,lol
  • This weekend I have literally been full of vodka and coke so suppose thats all i can be at the mo lol
  • lol & Lee at least you enjoyed your self! & btw you don't need to appoligise for having a drink you were fun not offencive!! lol and were human were aloud to let our hair down! I certainly did! haha...

    any other analogy's lady's!!??? xx
  • Hmm, I'd love to say I was something cool and sophisticated, but unfortunately not!! Think I'd be a pint of lager, kind of plain and down to earth but good for a night out or a footie match!
  • A blurb from bbc

    What does your drink say about you
    Red wine - mature in outlook, discerning and organised
    Vodka or white wine - entrepreneurial spirit, like being in charge
    Tequila - extrovert, free spirits, live for today
    Gin - crave comfort and security
    Lager or bitter - experimental and creative

    I think I'm a whiskey girl... I'm sweet with buttery notes, and am mellowing (quickly) with age...
  • very good Hedgie! keep em coming girls? any more witty ones? x
  • Haha i love this post. I'd be a tia maria and baileys! Very fattening, sweet at times but sickeningly if you have too much! Xxxx
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