Scary stuff!

I am going back to college! Two days a week doing an access to HE diploma with the intention of eventually doing teaching! Had the interview today and to be honest I am totally bricking it even though I have always done really well academically. It also means that Jake will be going to the onsite Creche for 2 days a week. Best of it is cos Im only 19 his childcare will be free through care to learn! I wasnt expecting that!

So will need to wean myself of BE in order to get college work done! ahh!


  • well done, hopefully jake will love it at nursery, at least getting it paid for must be one worry of your mind
  • There is actually loads of help for people who want to get more qualifications. I didnt have to pay course fees either. If anyone is a SAHM and would want to do a part time course a couple of days then it is very do able! There are so many grants etc out there! xx
  • Nope, if you get Jobseekers, housing benefit, working tax credits with income under 15k or income support, basically any means tested benefit the courses are free.

    RE Childcare most colleges have a learnign fund where your personal circumstances count in free childcare. As a single mum i reckon you would get everything 2Aries. What would you want to do? x
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