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is this date ok? - BIG MEET



  • Thanks for all the reasurance, and im really pleased the 4th is working for most of us! hopefully with it being 5months away people can be a bit more flexible and arrange days off work or what have you!! XX
  • good to me!!!
  • seeing take that in wemberley that weekend, so is no from me. never mind, maybe the next one xxx
  • seeing take that in wemberley that weekend, so is no from me. never mind, maybe the next one xxx
  • Hi yeah that date is fine with me too. I'll more than likely come with Amy&Amber lol, hope you dont mind hun xxxx
  • of course louise the more the merrier XX
  • 4th July should be ok for us too!
  • woo hoo thats good news gemzy!
  • Fine for me too!
  • have been missing some of the posts, so excuse me if these already answered......

    firstly tho', again, i'm in agreement that you wont please all - Birmingham is in the middle of the country, etc etc, so surely a "central Point!"

    secondly, are we supposed to be bringing oh? other kids? ( i mean my other kids, not some random ones i see?)

    otherwise, the date is good for me!
  • Sounds good for me. Just a couple of questions

    Who will be bringing partners/ extra person?? Only B'ham is miles from me and I don't drive and don't want to travel with a toddler and 3 months old by myself on public transport. My oh said he would come providing he wasn't the only male over the average age of 1, LoL.

    I may have missed this as haven't been on here for a while. Have we actually pinpointed a location?? I have never been to B'ham so I'm all excited. LoL

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • hi pumpkin patch and ollier, glad to hear you'd be able to make the date and location. From my understanding, a lot of us are bringing our OH's, if not most. also, other children are more than welcome and will be catered for, i will make sure there is entertainment to suit all ages. Ollier, i was even thinking of arranging a playstation tournament for the blokes to keep them happy!!

  • Is this meet for everyone or do you have to be invited? I`m about an one and a half hours on the train from birmingham and i think it`s a direct line so ..........
  • Jules27- it's an open invitation for us all. Some of us have been around for a while, so I'm really looking forward to meeting some of my 'virtual pals', especially those that went through the ttc and preg boards with me (twice!).
  • ilovemygeek that's a shame - though sunday partys work so maybe you could squish both into the one wknd!? lol. as camlo said the invite is open to all on the baby and toddler forums. i shall be posting more info on a post very soon X
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