semi attempt at controlled crying!

harri usually fallas straight to sleep when i put him down but tonight woke up a few times tonight so i addopted the cc rule and only had to go in twice and he (fingers crossed) went off! think i will do this all the time if he wakes now. As for last night regarding my ( wish me luck im in for a bad night) post, i put harri to bed at half 8, thats 2 hours earlier than usual,he went to sleep then i attempted to give dream feed but stupid c and g goodnight milk was to thick with gaviscon in so he only had 3oz and although he did wake in the night about 5 times ( i settled him with yukky weak formular so he learns that he wont get the good stuff at night and doesnt bother to wake up) and he slept in til half 6 which is quite good for him as usually he only goes til 5 then has to be bought into our bed. so im calling it a semi success hopefully tonight will be better still! xxx


  • hi honey will keep my fingers crossed that he will do ok for you. hopefully the cc will work for him.
    maybe leave the dream feed til he does properly wake up, then see if he will settle again? i used to do that feed until mine woke up, threw up all over both of us, screamed and had to be bathed and resettled. i stopped doing it, and he went to the time he used to wake even with that feed - he obviously didnt need it, and it was more for me than him!
    good luck
  • thanks hun might try thats once we have settled into this earlier night thing, dont wanna try to much at
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