Hi, this may seem like a daft question but can you remember when your lo's eyes changed colour?
I know that most lo's eyes start being blue but often they go on to change.
I have a ds with hazel eyes (can't remember when they changed) and one with blue, my dd is 7 weeks and her eyes are a beautiful clear blue atm. Do you think they will stay like this?


  • Charlotte's always had blue/grey eyes, but as she's got older (now 14mnths) her eyes are more of any icy blue. When she's outside they almost look piercing!
  • My lo's eyes started changing around 3 months I think. They were dark blue but started changing to hazel. she's now 8 months, I don't think they've changed completely yet though.
  • Connors started changing around 3/4 months they were a grey/blue now they are going brown
  • my niece's eyes didn't change till she was 5 or 6 months, so it can be quite late x
  • My older little boy had blue eyes till he was 1 then they changed to a greeny/ hazel colour, my youngest still has very blue eyes so dunno if he'll keep them x iv read they normally are there perminant colour by 6 months though x
  • I've read the same as Melmo, that they normally have their permenant colour by about 6 months BUT I had blue eyes untill I was about 4 and then they went bright green and Millie's eyes seem to be changing colour at the moment and she is nearly 3
  • oh, thanks i may have a while then to see if her eyes stay blue or not! I'm sure they will suit her whatever colour they end up being lol.
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