Hi Ladies!!!

Got my Icandy apple jogger this week!!! I love it but I am really struggling when tryin to colapse it!!! Did anyone else have this problem or any tips how to handle it????????????


Rache 32+3 xxx


  • I have the 4 wheel one and there definitely is a knack to it. When pushing on the handle try to keep pushing in front of you and resist trying to push downwards. If you push downwards it just wont collapse fully. However if you push forwards it will collapse by itself.

    Really hope this makes sense! I used to practice all the time before baby came along and there were several days in a row that I just couldn't get it but then I worked it out and had no problems since.

    If it's really stiff you can spray a bit of furniture polish onto it which helps wonders (the shop did it for me when mine was stiff to begin with)

  • P.s you'll love the Apple...I've had mine for nearly 9 months now and am still so much in love with it! My friends that had other buggies have traded them in for an unbrella style but me and my 2 friends that have the Apples are more than happy and have no plans to change!
  • Thanks hun I will give it a spray lol and see how we go lol!!

  • I still have days where I don't do it right!! I put thebrake on and put my foot on it, hold the button in and then push the handle as if I am shortening it, but quite quickly and firmly. The trick is to make sure you push the handle so its level as apparantly it has springs either side that have to activate with the same amount of pressure.. or something like that!!!
  • There's definitely a knack to it.
    Like Kare1515, I put the brake on, push the handle all the way in so it's at it's shortest and then carry on pushing it in a bit more whilst pressing the button and pushing downwards. Once you've done it a few times you'll be absolutely fine
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