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Calpol Usage??

Hi All

My DS2 is teething quite a bit at the moment (has one tooth and the is on its way). I am not a big fan of medication ie: I'm not one for banging painkillers down my neck at the first sign of pain I usually have to be in agony before I'll even take paracetamol and I'm like this with the kids too.

Any way on the bottle it states do not use for more than 3 days and I'm on day 2 of using it 3 times a day as his wee mouth is on fire :cry: What way do you use the calpol, if you use it for 3 days do you have a break and then use it again if so and for how long??? NOw i haven't given him bonjela in these 2 days as I was thinking i could give him this instead of the calpol tomorrow???

what do you lot do I can't remember from when I had ds2 as it was 6 years ago!!! lol

Thanks in advanceimage


  • have you tried anbesol for his teeth? worked great for my ittle man.
    Im not sure about calpol, i give my boy a half spoon before bed as his teeth were keeping him up for a few nights, sorry cant really help
  • i found boots teething powers great for teething and all natural
  • ooooh thanks for the suggestions girls x
  • I was told by my Dr that it only says not to use for more than 3 days because after 3 days if the problem isn't cured then really you should seek medical advice to make sure the baby is ok rather than just giving calpol and potentially missing the problem but as you know he is teething then it is absolutely fine.

    When my dd cut her fangs top and bottom (4 all at once) she was on calpol and iburofen alternate for 3 whole weeks every 4 hours!! If we missed a dose she was in agony, i did check with my Dr and she said this was fine and did check her over to make sure it was just teething.

    I know its a horrible feeling giving them medicine a lot as you feel like your polluting there little bodys but its better than them been in pain xx
  • thanks for that mnn feel a bit better, hes snoozing now so in the land of happy reece!
  • We used to use Ashtons and Parsons tetthing powders (and a lot of Calpol!)

    I think the reason they say not to use it for more than 3 days is because the calpol could be covering up something that really needs a doctor (like if LO had a really high temp - you'd want to take them to a dr to find out why, rather than keep dosing them up with calpol) If that makes sense?

    Also - prolonged use of Calpol can cause problems with their kidneys, (I once had a friend who used to give her LO calpol every night "for luck" whether she was poorly, or not!!! Shocking!) so I think the "3 day rule" is also there to stop people giving it when it's not necessary.

    Hope that helps.
  • Moonbean, have you thought of trying an amber teething necklace? I know a few of us use them and it helps a little! I rarely have to use calpol, although the Ashton powders have come out a few times! ds2 opens his little mouth ready for them!! x
  • Just wanted to add that apparently there is a supply problem with the teething powders but i use these ones which are just as good image

    Apparently bonjela isn't as effective as the area needs to be dry before application then left for a few minutes - impossible with a baby who wants to lick it off! lol. Saying that i still use it as a last resort!

    You should also try ibuprofen alongside paracetemol if the teething is really bad. I find that works best - calprofen is magic! image

    Oh and another thing that was recommended but i haven't tried yet are Era tablets - they are a homeopathic remedy you can get from Holland and Barretts.


  • oh thats a good idea tink image Might need to try that one! image xx
  • aw thanks girls xx
  • Hi just wanted to add that regular analgesia is more effective than giving when you need it. So if teething then every 4-6 hours is fine and give calprofen in between if necessary. That's what I do. (I'm a renal nurse so kidneys should be ok if you're only using it for the period you need it and then stopping, not for rest of life image ) Also remember that they cause constipation so maybe consider giving calfig or lactulose alongside to keep bowels moving. Calfig is like a liquid form of senna a natural laxative. x
  • We use new era tablets...they don't cut it alone on the normal dose when things get really bad (no pun intended) but they can be given as frequently as every 15mins if needed! Ds has been having them regularly for the past few weeks, then this week while things have been really bad he's had bonjela (I put it on the TT gummy Teethers and he'll chomp away on it for a good 5/10mins so he's not licking it straight off) the calpols only had to come out two evenings when he's become inconsolable x
  • Cant use teething powders for my little girl she lactouse intolerant. Use albosole gel teething anklet in day calpol in night. Initially didn't use calpol last night but she woke screaming at 22:45 so gave her calpol to set till e her. Which it did plus in laws just been on holiday for a week and they left anklet in their car so used calpol sometimes during day too

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