Rolling on Tummy and Waking up

Is anyone elses lo doing this, for the past 2 weeks ds has been rollinng on to his front will stay asleep for a bit then wake up and panic that he cant turn back (this can some times be every hour). I'll turn him on his back and he rolls straight back over. I've even bought a sleep positioner which when i put him in that he cries because he cant roll over arrgghhh.
Any ideas:\?


  • My LO did this recently. She's been rolling from front to back for months but couldn't do it when she was in bed for some reason.

    Anyway, after a couple of weeks of frustration she worked out how to do it and doesn't wake up stuck any more.

    Hang in there - he'll work it out soon.

    B xx
  • Thank you Mrs B :\)
  • We had the same thing when Sebastian learnt to do this. At the time the waether was sweltering so I din't want to use a sleep positioner as it made him hot. After a while though he just learned to be happy on his front and now sleeps that way all the time. He has finally learnt to roll back but it took him 3 months!!!

    I think you just have to ride it out but it won't take long before he either learns to roll back or learns not to be grumpy about it.
  • ds did this when he first learnt to roll, a couple of weeks later and he soon figured it out for his self, and since then only sleeps on his front (even to this day-16months- i put him down on his back lol, and he goes straight on his front) x
  • Hi

    Tyler did this aswell, unfortunately its just something they have to go through i think. He has now discovered he prefers sleeping on his side or front. Ty was doing it whilst swaddled which was abit scary, but he dropped the swaddle himself. Now we have the standing up in the cot, bouncing with his bear in his mouth to contend with !!!

  • Thanks everyone, bit of a shock to the system as he had just started sleeping through i was teased with a couple of weeks of sleep he he. Hay ho will get there eventually bless him :\)
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