weaning and diarrhoea

hi there

i started weaning ds at 20 weeks, first on baby rice for a week then added purees like carrot, pear, apple, and gradually more fruit/veg. A couple of weeks later I started giving two meals a day, but still only fruit or veg purees. At 6 months I started 3 meals a day: porridge with fruit puree for breakfast, veg puree for lunch and veg puree and/or finger foods plus a yoghurt for tea. Also 4 x approx 7oz bottles formula per day.

Since I started him on 3 meals a day (around 10 days ago) he has had around 5 poos a day. Sometimes they are fairly solid but more often they are diarrhoea. I went to docs last week and they have taken a sample which I'm waiting for the results of. But I was wondering if any of your LOs had this when weaning? Obviously his tummy needs a while to get used to all these different foods but I just don't know if it's a bug or if it's a result of the weaning. Since it started I have tried to keep things fairly bland and not introduced anything new (on instruction from docs) but it has made no difference. He is otherwise fine and taking his milk/water well but sometimes doesn't want his solid food.

Any ideas/experience of this?
Thank you!!
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