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baby choking on vomit

My son Harry is 6 weeks old and was having an evening nap when he started to choke on his vomit. I quickly scooped him out and patted his back. It took a while to clear (well it felt like a while) and he was coughing. Afterwards he cried and was fine. But now I am worried that this will happen again maybe when I'm asleep. He is breastfed. Has anyone experianced this and is there anything that can be done to prevent it.


  • How awful for you, that's happend to me once. It's so scary, and you lo is so young. Raising cot or basket at one end may help. Some people put their babies to sleep on their side rather than their back. I bought an angelcare motion mat monitor thing to help ease my worries. I hope you find something that helps x
  • Thanks mother in law has as angelcare monitor bought for when our LO goes round there so I'll borrow it good idea.
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