reaction to the 3rd lot of jabs

Has anyone baby had a bad reaction to the jabs 3rd one, as Caitlin and I have just come back form the hospital as doc sent us, she had a rash, vomiting, fever no wet nappy and doc thought she was dehydrated, excuse spelling n grammar im in a rush.

She has medicine for it, but i must watch her like a hawk for a while, as she is very sleepy and they said make sure she is having enough milk, so may have to give her some bottles as i dont produce enough milk for 7oz bottles lol

She is ok now, very sleepy and clinging to my boob, as they did a blood test she was not impressed, my poor baby xx


  • poor little thing. your body should make more milk if she is feeding more, my lo fed more after all her jabs as she was comfort feeding. I would just bf her everytime she wakes and it will stimulate your supply.

    you could also give her some water if your worried about dehydration.
  • thanks girls, well i have been feeding her, comfort feeding i think lol, and she is perkin up, after the medicine she seems a lot better but still very sleepy hopefully she'll feel better over the weekend, her big bro is looking after her, making sure shes ok when she sleeps bless him lol
  • aww hun glad she is getting better, JJ had his first injections on Tuesday and reacted quite badly to them, he stopped breathing and was very sick, he's been poorly since then but has started showing signs of getting better today, dreading his next ones :\(
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