Bandana bibs off Ebay

Someone posted about these a couple of weeks ago but I now can't find the post.

There seems to be loads on there - does anyone have a personal recommendation?



  • Hi hun,

    I haven't tried the ones from ebay but i can recommend these ones:

    I have loads of these and they are great quality. If you register you also get a free bib!

  • I love the funky bib ones from eBay. They are on a shop called stuff4littlepeople. Lots of different designs, colours. They never soak through.

  • I also recommend the funky bibs on ebay! I have them and love them!

  • I also recommend stuff for little people,the bibs are fab, and mine went missing in the post and they were really helpful, and sent new ones quickly x
  • Great, thanks everyone
  • Yep, def the funky bibs ones, I even buy them as presents for other people! x
  • Funky bibs are fab! Our latest 10 arrived earlier this week - they look so fab and they don't soak through image We got one that looks teal on the screen but is actually a really fab green - recommend that one!
  • I have one funky bibs from eBay but I prefer my dribbz from
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