Quick foodie question

If your LO doesn't take the food you are offering (3 different courses) - what do you do?

Offer different choices (how many different), give up and try again a short while afterwards or leave it until next meal time?

Appreciate your replies, thanks xx


  • Hi Lawso,

    With my LO I usually would try again a little later, distract him letting him play with a toy in his highchair, then try make another attempt. If it's a no go, I'll give him something I know he likes. My LO has not been too fussy with his food so far (touch wood), has only rejected one meal, I just keep trying him with lots of other foods. He's not at the finger food stage yet, have tried but he prefers me to feed him. I would keep offering it as they say that it can take a baby 15 times to accept a food. Which foods is he not liking? xx
  • Hi i dont know how old your LO is but with lizzie (she is 26 weeks and has been weaning since 17 weeks) I will just stop and then offer it again next time. i hear it can take up 15 times for a baby to take a liking for a new taste x
  • with my ds1 i would have stopped distracted and tried again if still no then offered something he liked and try again next time xx good luck x
  • My LO is 6 1/2 months now and it's not really any particular food. I can't say he's fussy about certain foods and I'm certainly at the stage where everything is being offered, many times over. Sometimes though, he just doesn't seem interested and I seem to go through about 5 different dishes, only for him then to take the first one an hour later. It could be a case of he just isn't hungry enough for it as we are still working out our weaning routine! But I just wondered what others are doing, as I seem to offer 5 different things, leave it half an hour/hour and try again. Sometimes the time delay works, sometimes it doesn't but I can get very stressed by such an ordeal. Fortunately like I said, it's not every time and he often takes his food well. Thanks for your replies xx
  • HI Lawso - I know exactly what you mean...! I will try LO on a couple of things and then resort to the ones I know she likes if she still refuses. She ALWAYS eats fromage frais and Yoghurts so will always have something. Sometimes I think she likes it (like this mornings scarmbled egg) but then she will take about 5 spoon fulls and then close her mouth for good ! Are you offering milk before or after solids ? Jasmine is now 7 months and she is only on 3 bottles per day and won't take much of 2 of these - she definitely prefers solids to milk. Sorry probably been no help whatsoever but really wanted to say that I get stressed too when she refuses everything i offer ! S XX
  • Hi Lawso,

    I'm still working our weaning routine out but to give you an idea, this is how ours go.

    7pm - 6-7oz bottle
    8pm breakfast (small bowl of porridge (4-5 teaspoons) and a fruit pot.

    11.45am lunch - usually 1 veg cube and half a jar & yoghurt or custard or petit filous

    2.30pm - 5-6 oz bottle

    5pm tea - veg cube & half a jar & yoghurt or petit filous or fruit dessert

    7pm 4-5oz bedtime bottle

    Sometimes his milk intake can be less but I've adjusted the food amounts slightly so he is hungrier for his milk xxx
  • Thanks again, really appreciate the advice and lovely to hear from fellow BID mummies!

    I offer milk before, during and after breakfast and he always takes his solids well at this time. Then I offer milk mid morning and mid afternoon, at which he generally doesn't take much, maybe 3-4oz, then he'll have a full bottle at bedtime.

    It's the lunch and dinner times that I can sometimes have a problem with. It's like he's not hungry, often won't even take the foods I know he likes but yet, I feel he should be hungry. Does that make sense? I'm not worried, he's certainly getting enough food (as I do persevere) and he's still taking around 700ml of milk too.
  • Hi, could you maybe swap the mid morning bottle for an early lunch and give a bottle after? I used to have to give my DS2 food before milk, he wouldnt have touched it after his milk! I would give breakfast then milk, then lunch early at maybe 11am-11,30 then put up for a sleep by about 12 with a feed first.

    Good luck
  • Yes, I was going to suggest the same, drop the mid morning bottle and bring lunchtime forward a little. that way he'll build up an appetite for his lunch.I found I had to do this with my LO as he would only take a very small amount for his lunch x
  • Thanks, I haven't given the mid morning milk today so hopefully he'll take a better lunch. Just wondering though, should I offer milk with his lunch or wait until mid afternoon?

    I'd love to know what you think, thanks xx
  • Not sure if you still want answers to the original question, but in my house if LO doesn't eat what she's given first time she goes without. I know it sounds mean but she knows by now this is how it works, so she will generally only refuse something if she's ill or genuinely not hungry. If she refuses something I persevere for a few mins, then leave the bowl on her tray, and if she's still shown no interest in about 15mins I just take it away and get her down from the highchair.

    I do offer her one alternative if the one she refuses is something brand new to her, though. Likewise if I suspect she's poorly I'm softer on her and will offer an alternative I know she likes.

    Mind you, the amount she's eaten doesn't seem to affect how well she sleeps - if she was waking up hungry then I'd probably be telling a different story.

    PS I have never offered milk with a meal; only ever between meals.
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