hummmmm do i need to change formula?

hello ladies

i have been using SMA formula since LO was 1 week old, we changed to hungry baby 2 weeks ago and he has been a different baby image however his poos have become more formed even with 4oz of water a day, do i need to increase his water intake or change formula

your advice would be much appreciated

becca and jacob
10 weeks


  • i've heard from a lot of mums who've used SMA and LO's were constipated from it. Obviously not all babies are but I remember a thread about preffered formula's on here a couple of years back where a lot of mums had had to switch for this reason.

    You could always go back to SMA gold, but if he needs hungry baby milk perhaps try another brand xx

  • My lO was like this as well never had any probs on Apitmal though. I have heard SMA can cause this problem its much thicker aswell.
  • the powder is noiceably thicker thats why i wasnt surprised that they wernt runny anymore, might try another, although i'm quite annoyed the most reccommended is the most expensive! not that i would begrude my LO if it suited him best x
  • i remember the HV saying to me with my first that SMA babies are more likely to suffer from constipation than any of the other milks or breast fed babies. although i still used with first, then farleys for second, cow and gate for third, and this time i'm hoping for exclusive breast feeding, if not then it will be aptamil xxxxx
  • thanx ladies

    i bought some aptimil hungry baby today, although thr SMA gold didnt cause constipation it didnt fill him up enough, will see how we go

    becca and jacob x
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