Still sore after epidural?

It's been 6 weeks and 4 days since I had my little one - and I had an epidural.
My back was obviously still tender a few days afterwards, but it's still pretty tender now.
It's only when I touch/press in the area that the epidural was administered, it feels tender and sore - just like the feeling I had when it was being administered.
Is this normal still to be feeling sore, 6 weeks after?
I saw my doctor on Monday for our 6 week check, but totally forgot to mention it to him..


  • I had a bruise the size of an A4 sheet of paper after mine, and 6 months on I still get some tenderness there and it gets quite stiff. No idea if that's normal lol, probably not but i would say 6 weeks is ok, I wouldn't worry too much ;\)
  • Yes I felt quite tender there and had a bruise for quite a long time. So shouldnt be anything to worry about x
  • I had an epidural with my first and although it didn't hurt at all afterwards I still get a tingling a little further up my spine a few times a day (which I'm told is probably nerve damage) - and that's 20 months on.

    Hope it stops hurting soon.
  • Yeah I was a bit sore for a good while after too, like a bruised feeling. See how it goes, I would mention it next time you see someone though. At the risk of sounding rude (but I don't know how else to say it, so apologies in advance) if you forgot to ask about it, it can't be that bad???

    I think its worth remembering that even though our bodies are designed to go through labour etc it is still a major trauma. Some days after I had LO I felt like I was about 85 years old, all my joints felt stiff etc.

    Really hope things settle down for you soon

  • I dont get anything now (nearly 22 months on) but it was tender at first. Also for a few months I felt like my back was very weak, although Im not sure this is because of the epidural and may be more due to the extra work my back was doing during pregnancy.
  • Guess we're all different - I just had a bruise where it went in, when that had gone didn't have any pain. If it is causing you worry I'd def mention it to doc or hv just for peace of mind x
  • My back was really sore and If i wake upon the mornng and I've been lying on my back it's excruciating to get up. I think this was due to my epidural and the fact lo was lying in a really 'skiwiff' way between back to back and normal.

    I do agree with mrsbutler though. Labour is like a marathon of excercise for your body... I mean can you imagine running a 10k marathon without stretching? Did you stretch before labour? Lol silly I know but our joints muscles and backs will all be sore. Plus if I rememeber rightly doesn't relaxin stop production slightly after birth? It may be your muscles elasticity decreasing causing pain?

    Unfortunatley though, I think about 10% of epidurals do result in back problems so if you are concerned I would speak to your gp but unfortunately they're likely to give you painkillers and tell you it's nerve damage..a known side effect of epidurals.

    Hope you feel better soon x
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