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Does anyone have this seat? This seems to be the one we like the most, and it's on offer at the moment.

Does anyone have this seat, or can recommend another??

I have to buy 4 seats in all so dont want too expensive, although I will only be buying 2 of these ones. I plan to have these as the ones that are fixed in my car so weight doesnt matter. The boys are quite tall (Ryan is on the 75th and Alfie just above the 50th). I have a Renault Scenic so size isnt really an issue. I need them to fully recline (well, as much as possible) as the boys sleep as soon as you put them in their seats. The other main thing is that they need to be fairly easy to get in and out of as I will have to put one boy inside to get the other one and we dont have a driveway so dont want to be fussing too much with seats so I can get them both together again!!

My sister has the Priori and really likes it...just want some ideas as will need to buy them soon!!


  • Im replying to all your posts today, lol!!

    We have just bought the priorifix from Mothercare as it was on offer, should have been ??210 but got for ??168 image very pleased with my bargain! C's not in it yet as still room in carrier seat and want to keep in this as long as possible as safer rear facing, but we really like the prior one as it reclines in 3 settings and seems really comfortable. My SIL and brother have it for their son who's 2 1/2 now and he seems very comfy in ti and sleeps really well in it in the car too.

    ooh, I got extra 10% off buying online at mothercare by googling Mothecare promotional codes. xxxx
  • Hi Gemma, Toby has this car seat. We love it and get on fine with it! It reclines well, I think there are 3/4 positions. Easy to do too!

    We mostly use the car with isofix but it does come with instructions to use with the seat belt only if you need too. We did this once - we checked out the instructions the day before and did it with no problems. Its the same with the isofix too, once you know how to install it and remove it, its really easy.

    My only gripe is that its quite heavy as the isofix base is attached and part of the seat. But its rare I need to lift it so not really a bother!

    HTH Joo xxxxxxxxx
  • We have a Priorifix, ds has been in it for a year now (I shouldn't really still be in baby but no2 is due in 3 weeks so I don't see the point in leaving now!) and we're really pleased with it. I'm a MaxiCosi fan and personally liked the Priori more than the Tobi, and still do (my Mum has the Tobi in her car). Hubby was keen to go for Isofix too so we got that one - it is heavy to move but we very rarely move it, and I always let hubby do it. The recline is brilliant, although now ds is bigger (23 months) we can only really use the first recline position of he doesn't have enough leg room, although he's still comfy enough to sleep like that without his head lolling forwards.

    If you're saying you'd need to get them both into their seat through the same door though (not sure if you are), you might find the isofix legs a bit in the way.
  • We have the priorifix and got it purely based on saftey reviews. It always had to be an isofix and this is one of the best I think and looks good too. Our ds seems very comfy in it, its easy to do up and feels very secure. We got ours for ??185 on offer so ??168 is definitely a bargain! x
  • havent got to get them through the same door (although re-read my post and can see why you might think that!) No, I meant my front door. I have to park the car round the corner from my house (although I have a bay window in the front room so can always see the car if I can get my usual space) so the carry seats are fab as, although they are now getting VERY heavy, I can still carry them both into the house together. However, when we have the new seats, I will only be able to carry one baby at a time for a while, so one will have to stay in the car, then one will have to stay in the house while I get the other one (if that makes sense). So, I dont want to be spending ages trying to get the 2nd one out while I have left a baby alone in the house.

    I have seen the seat for ??99, reduced from ??150 but im thinking this is without isofix having looked at your prices??
  • The way you can tell if it's isofix or not is as sunflower said, the isofix ones have a leg that goes down to the floor of the car for extra support and I the non isofix ones don't have it. That's how I worked it out from the pictures on the Mothercare website, lol! xxx
  • The isofix version is the priorifix and the non isofix is the priorfix I think! Stupid to call them such similiar names x
  • Aah, I understand now about, I didn't think of that! No it doesn't take long at all to get them in or out - I always take the time (seconds) to tuck the straps into the little clips at the side when getting him out though as it does make it so much easier to get him strapped in again later as he doesn't end up sitting on the straps. I will say though, it does get much easier when they can stand - I loved the convenience of being able to strap him into the infant carrier in the house, then he was kept still/out of trouble while I loaded the car - but once they can stand, if you can carry both you can stand one in the footwell while you strap the other in, and when they can walk to the car it'll get easier still!

    The isofix one is called Priorifix and the non-isofix is Priori XP (there is also a cheaper one called Priori SPS) - less than ??200 seems to be a good deal for the isofix from what I remember, I don't think ??99 would be for the isofix one
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