Silent Reflux, Colic or just a baby who likes to cry

Hi ladies

My little girl is 18weeks old and from about 2 weeks old she has pretty much cried all day!!!!!!! At first she would just cry in the afternoons and evenings but pretty soon this turned into all day crying. After a few visits to the doctors she was diagnosed with a milk protein intolerance and prescribed Nutramigen. She is so much better at taking her feeds since being prescribed this but still continues to cry. My HV thinks she may have silent reflux, but I'm not sure. All I know is that I'm at my wits end. I try everything to nurse her but nothing seems to console her. She is gaining weight fine, and sleeps really well on a night. Usually goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 and sleeps through to 5:30/6am so I can't complain. It's just during the day, if she isn't sleeping (doesn't sleep much during the day) she is screaming. By screaming, I really do mean screaming, she is soooooo loud. I think she may have had colic when she was younger but I don't think she has it now as when she screams she doesn't pull her legs up.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  • sorry cant help much but jayden was like this when he was younger still is some days,

    i was told he had colic and tryed every remdy out!! tehn i got told he had acid reflux and to start him on solids at 16 weeks so i did, it did infact help him quite a bit, then it seemed to come back, so hv told me to give him 3 meals a day at 20 weeks, and he was loadddss better(but jayden was quite a sicky baby has well has screamed all day) hes now 6 months and still has the odd day off screaming but now hv has put that down to teething which he is and he gets a lot of ear infections.

    but no body really helped that much he only started getting better around 20 weeks. and it was a longgg 20 weeks as you will know.

    sorry couldent help much hun xx also from 13 weeks jayden stopped pulling him legs up, so think his colic went from around then.
  • Hey hun,

    Ella went through a big screaming stage and we treid cranial osteopathy as I had quite a traumatic birth and she was stuck for a long time and was then born by emergency c section. We had three sessions and it really really helped, she is now a much more relaxed and happy baby - still screams soetimes but it definately made a difference for us.

    hope this helps, and big hugs coz I know how hard it is!
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