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Hi girls how you both doing. lolstephen i noticed from your thread that you are still suffering , me too, but bikerchick has been quiet lately so im thinking mathew must have settled down. Well ive been back to hospital today to see Dr el shimmi who specifically said you only deal with me now as too many people are telling you different things, so we go today and he was on call and was a different doctor!!!! Good news though cus it was the one i really liked who saw her when she was 5 days old and who saw us about 6 weeks ago. He remembered all Daisys problems so i didnt have to go through everything again. He agreed he thought it was silent reflux, although after two weeks on medicine she has not improved at night although i think there might be slight improvemnt in day. 3 days after she started medicine she learnt to roll over on to her side and i think she finds this more comfy but after a while even this doesnt help and she is thrashing around all over the cot at first i was up and down every 5 mins repositioning her but now i leave her as long as i can even if she is sideways or upside down to see if she relaxes.
So today he has upped her dose of ranitidine to 0.76 mls from from 0.46mls still to give her gaviscon and also give her motilium (Domperidone) before each feed. What with giving her lactulose twice a day and oj and water i feel like im cionstantly stuffing something down her throat!!!! I asked him about weaning cus every one kept saying she will be better when shes on solids and she will be 18 weeks next week and he said start right away he said the reflux will improve as the food will help the milkstay down. So today i gave daisy her first spoonfull of fbaby rice (cant beleive you gave mathew his first today too how bizzare how did he like it.) I gave it her for her tea at about 5 as doctor said it may help her settle through the night. Im keeping my fingers crossed. As for this collic business i dont know anymore lolstephen i am a big believer in collic is a word for a cop out when they dont know whats wrong. Daisy suffered from trapped wins for many weeks and i still dont know whether she does or not as she is getting burps up i have now stopped infacol she has allways been on doctor browns bottles i tried every winding position known to man, i stirred formula rather than shaking it i take her to chiropractor every week and now i do baby massage, oh and i even went out and bought a swing as someone on here suggested it. Im now officially broke and still having problems. Daisy brings her legs up as if she in pain in tummy but also arches back out and screams as if she got reflux, so i dont know I go to a mother and baby group and there is another mummythere with a baby with reflux and he is very sicklly and screams all the time. we were saying how we cant eventake our babies out dfor very long inthe day, as im too embarassed when dasiy starts screaming. On wednesday daisy screamed for 21/2 hours while i tried to feed her. i had to throw formula away twice!!!! So i have my positive head on again. I was told she would grow out of it by 12 weeks and then one doctor told me it would be 6 months when at 14 weeks she hadnt. I broke down and said i couldnt do another 3 months. but you do becouse what choice do we have . Hang in there lolstephen andkeep me informed. Bikertchich hows things going babe can you believe are babies are now starting on solids. Im scared cus i dont want to go back to work and i know how quick t will come round now over half way through leave!!! As tough as it has been for me i dont want to leave my baby i like being a mummy!!!


  • Hi Westbrom,

    I was going to send you a msg today - how weird is that?

    Ella had an appointment card come in from the hospital last week for July so not sure if the docs have refered her again or if its a review for her reflux. Will definatly be asking for her tummy to get checked out as really not sure what else to do. Her reflux seems to be fine again but her colic seems to be flaired up over the last few days.

    Glad that Daisy is getting sorted - reflux is just as bad as colic. Hopefully the weaning will help Daisy. Let me know how you get on with it. Will try Ella at 17 weeks I think, thats only 2 weeks time so I'll just have to cope until then. The days just pass so quickly now and I know that if I've coped for 15 weeks then I can cope for a few more.

    Going to try and take Ella swimming this weekend - it always seems to help when we go out and do things - seems to distract her. She still has her screaming and squirming times when out but you just have to get on with it. Anyway keep me posted on Daisy's progress.

  • Hi ladies,

    I agree with Westbrom that the word 'colic' is a cop out. Thankfully Matthews did seem to be connected with trapped wind and since he's been able to burp himself, he is more comfortable. Its just mega crying - some say its caused by an 'immature nervous system.' Its a pile of poo! Matthew still does cry alot though. I think its now due to a mixture of teething and frustration/ boredom. He used to love tummy time, and now screams the place down cos he wants to crawl but the body isn't cooperating. He screams when hes tired because I'm still desperately trying to teach him to self soothe for day naps and bedtime. Its never ending for some mums, yet theres other mums who have these babies that just sit and coo. Very frustrating. I've promised myself to stop comparing Matthew to other babies, and just let him do his thing at his pace. Weaning is going ok. We had day 2 today - baby rice at lunchtime. I'm gonna continue baby rice at lunch for the next couple of days then introduce purees. I'm taking it very slowly as I don't want his wind/ tummy issues to flare up again. Westbrom - it sounds like a positive drs appointment. It sounds promising that you have noticed some improvement in Daisy during the day. I hope the increased Ranitidine works hun. Does Daisy like her baby rice?

    Take care ladies. Stay in touch.
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