baby sick a lot ?

Is anyone else's baby sick a lot. My son is 10 months old now & has always been a sickly baby, But he hasnt seemed to grow out of it, i didnt mind so much at the time when it was just milk but now he is on solid food its starting to get a bit of a pain. I have never mentioned it to anyone as i know babies are sick & just put it down to that as he weight is well up (23lb 6 last week). I mentioned it to the HV at his 9 months review and she told me to drop his middle bottle as he was getting too much milk & solids but it hasnt seem to make much diff. He's still sick after every meal all the colours of the rainbow & now he's trying to crawl & wanting to be off & around its getting harder, we have to try to sit him still for at least an hour after every meal but he is still sick most of the time.

Has anyone been through this or can offer any advise ??
many thanks, claire


  • how much milk is he having now hun?? are you giving him any infant gaviscon?

    I would take him to the gp just to be on the safe side as it could be excess acid or something or even an intolerance.

  • Hi thanks for the reply, he has a 7oz bottle for breakfast (usual about 7:30am) then cereal (maybe weetabix half or porridge) then he has a dinner & pud for lunch at 12, same again at 4:30 for tea with a yoghurt or desert then a full rusk mixed with his usual milk and the rest of the 7oz bottle before bed at 7. he did used to have a bottle at 2:30-3pm but i;ve dropped that now. he seems happy enough, i have noticed tho he's always been a great sleeper & sleeps from 7 - 7 every day but last few week or so he's been waking anywhere from 5am (i just leave him & listen on the monitor) then get him up at 7, am just hoping he;s not waking up cos he's hungry, he's my 2nd so i should know if he's getting enough food, it seems to be - he was 9lb4 born & long for his age (high up on the length scale) so he's always been a big lad. I havent been giving him gavisgon no
  • Not the milk then, could be a bit of reflux still tho, I would take him just to get checked over, just cause its messy when there sicky so if you can rule out theres nothing wrong least its something!!!
    LEast he's a healthy weight so hes obviously fit and healthy with a good appetite, maybe offer him a little snack mid afternoon aswell incase he is a bit peckish??
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