bouncey chairs!

Does anyone elses lo's be sick in their bouncers?

When I put George in his chair he is always sick, not an awful lot, but it's getting anoying now!

He even does it a couple of hours after his bottle!


  • Yep Archie does it too. He has reflux so he's quite a sicky baby. Infact sometimes when he is sick ages after a feed in his chair it's just watery rather than milk. He is formula fed and hv said he is obvoiusly taking the goodness from the milk and getting rid of the rest. Does the chair you have vibrate ? I think Archie is sick more is the vibrate thingie is on ? S x
  • It does but I took the batteries out, because George hated the vibrating bit!
  • They say with reflux babies you shouldnt put them in bouncy chairs or anything where their spine is curved because that position frorces the acidy milk back up. A bit unrealistic really I know as theres very few devices that keep their spines completley straight! Its the same with some babies who dont have reflux too, the curved position forces some of the milk back up. I find Theo is always sick after being in his car seat.
  • My dr actually suggested putting him in the bouncy chair after a feed so that he was staying upright for a wee while. It doesn't work anyway, he's still sick. S x
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