what to buy my daughter for xmas

Hi ladies,

I'm really stuck on ideas as to what to get my daughter (who will be 6 months) for xmas.
All my friends and family have suggested buying her things but as there is only a 13 month age gap between my son and daughter I have most of the things already.

I know we will by her clothes and shoes and put money into her bank account but we would still like to buy her a toys.

Has any one got any ideas on what I can get her

Thanks Hayley


  • Thats a hard one,
    How about one of those rocking horses from mamas and papas? and a few little things xx
  • we wern't going to buy our lo much but we;ve gradually bought bits and pieces and now she has loads!

    how about a special teddy?
    you can get some nice dolls that are from birth or 6 months (we got a lamaze doll for Louise)
    the fisher price animal zoo toys are lovely.

  • Tommy is only going to be 6 1/2 months but when I saw Elmo in Toys R Us on Saturday HE HAD TO HAVE IT! I know it says 18 months on the box but am sure it will get plenty of play lol
  • So far for my daughter i've got her...

    A jumperoo
    some teddybear rattles
    and loads of other little bits i've seen while shopping.

    Its hard when their this young. I remember my sons first xmas and he was only 3 month and just flopped over a bean bag or in his chair. He was more interested in the tree lights.lol

    Lisa xxx

  • Tommysmum did you order the Elmo live i brought Grace one the other day and got 30 quid knocked as a very kind lady of her give me a code!!!
  • Callum will be 7 months and he'll be getting a baby walker - ssshhhh, he's on my lap!!! Hmmmmmm, difficult if you've already got all the usual stuff though. What about something personlised with her name on if you want something just for her??
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