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Where's the best place to get measured?

I need a new bra!
Pre preg I was a 34AA. During preg I was 36A. After the birth when I was 1st breast feeding I went to M+S and got measured and was 36D!!
My lo is now 11 months and I'm still b/f but only morning and night and my boobs are nowhere near as big so I went back to M+S today and got measured again and they said I was 32C!!!
So I tried couple of 32C and couple of 34B and they both felt really tight and my boobs felt really squished.
I find it hard to believe that I've gone from 36D to 32C in a few months when the last time I measured 32 I was about 14.
I thought about maybe asking at Debenhams???


  • hiya,

    i read a report in the paper that said m&s measuring service was generally crap (was a couple of years ago). the one that came out top was hancock and woods, so i have been there since and they have been spot on (well really comfy anyway), but the bras that i like in my size (32e) are a bit more expensive.

    hope this helps xx
  • Hi, the problem with M&S is that they only measure you for their bras, if you go to another store and buy a bra in the size M&S say you are, chances are it wont fit. I go to a local underwear shop in my town, no good to you I know but i would suggest you see if there is a one off local shop to you, these big stores send people on day courses were as in little shops they have been doing it for nearly all their working lifes.
  • i use my local underwear shop to. it really good. but i have heard that john lewis quite good. i got measured for my nursing bras in there.x
  • debenhams is very good, cos i used to work in the undie dept there!!! m&s are crap, clmoore you are right about there sizes. debenhams or house of frazer are very good. ive also been told la senza are good - dont go there myself they dont do industrial sizes!!!!
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