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We're hoping to go abroad in a few weeks time with our DS, who will be around 10 months old. It'll probably be a long-haul flight so I'm looking for plenty of ideas to keep him occupied. I was planning on buying a few small toys but didn't want to spend a fortune, so was thinking of making a few along the way. Here's what I've thought of so far:-

- I'm going to take some rice, so I can put it in an empty plastic bottle to make a rattle.
- Balloons, they're cheap and think they'd be fun - might he pop them and frighten himself?
- Bubbles
- Inflatable beach ball

I read once that you should wrap the things you take in wrapping paper, as that can be a distraction in itself, so plan to do that too. Was hoping to get a high chair toy, so that it can stick on the plane tray table, has anyone seen any good ones for a 10 month old?

I know there's a few others travelling soon, so I hope you've picked up a few ideas. If anyone has any other suggestions, please share, I'd love to hear them and think I might have 12 hours to fill! Thanks a million xx


  • Hey,

    How about a squishy ball? A few noisy books. A toy plane?

    I work as cabin crew & would advise against balloons cause of the cabin pressure would burst them.

  • If you can, find any toys on string/elastic with a clip on the end so you can clip it to something and you're not constantly having to pick the toys up from under your seat! Hugo has a purple octopus on a cord with a clip and it has been a godsend on various trips - he loves chewing the legs and the clip keeps it secure and clean(ish) as it's not always on the floor. It's a tommee tippee one.

    Keep in mind too that you wont' have a lot of room once the tray table is down - you won't be able to hold him on your knee with the tray table down for example so a tray toy may not be that useful.

    If yours is anything like mine, the best way to entertain him on a flight is to walk him around the cabin so he can say hello to people.

    Good luck on the flight - it really won't be as bad as you think
  • Wen my nephew was that age he was obsessed with my sister's russian dolls! He *loved* taking them apart and watching them get put back together... anything stckable might go down well and wont take up too much room xx
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