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Hi all, was just wondering how much (and if!) your LOs nap in the day? Riley (6 months on 12th) used to sleep loads in the day, 3 hours then wake up and be tired after an hour. Now he can sometimes have one nap of 2 hours in the morning, or a couple of 40 min naps, or afew 20 min ones. He still doesnt sleep through, last night he was fed at 6pm, 10pm, 12.20, 3.30 and 5! He is coming up to 26 weeks so will probably need more food anyway, so this could be the reason for that. However, I want to get a bit more routine for his naps. He always goes back down about an hour after waking, so 7ish, and sleeps till 8am. Then he seems to need another at 11am-1pm. The problem is then the afternoon, when to let him sleep and for how long so that he starts bath and feeds etc at 6pm. What do you all do during the day? I feel he should have something in the afternoon as 5 hours awake(6 by the time he's actually in bed) is a bit much for him, but I really want him to sleep for longer periods at night which he does when he's awake more. I have no idea how to space out the night feeds as if I give him his dummy he either screams for a feed and spits it out, or I can put him off for 20 mins or so, but I can't go back to sleep as he'll toss and turn and moan in his sleep. He also won't take a bottle from me or hubby, he retches and sticks his tongue out and clenches his fists and growls (has a little temper already) the gets distressed. So no idea how to get more sleep, am hoping when he starts food this weekend he'll be a bit better.

Hope that made sense! Lol. Do any of you have any ideas? He's also teething so getting upset and more tired. Hope everyone is ok. Thanks.

xxx :\)


  • Hello,

    Louise is 25 weeks now......

    As for daytime naps, Louise can usually only stay awake for 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours, can be more if we are out and about and she is very distracted or entertained. Her naps are usually for about 30 mins but can be longer.

    Today, she was awake at 7.30, had a breastfeed at 8, had breakfast at 9am then had a nap from 9.45 to 10.15ish. She has just had another feed and is having another nap.

    I think that our babies need lots of sleep as they are so alert and active they get worn out very quickly!

    As for night time............we've had some very bad nights. For the last two nights she's only fed at once, last night at 4am, the night before at 3am. But she has woken at other times for a comforting cuddle. We've got to this by putting her in her own room and my dh goes to cuddle and settle her. The first night we did this it took him a long time to settle her but the following night she stopped crying almost instantly.

    Louise also refuses a bottle unless i'm out and then she'll take a couple of oz as long as she's holding the bottle.

    I've already started weaning Louise and am hoping that now i'm starting to try to increase her food and will be able to give her any foods from next week it will help. I hope that you find weaning improves his sleep!
  • Hiya, thanks for your reply. It's good that your DH is able to settle Louise a bit. Maybe my hubby could try that when Riley goes into his own room. Bless her wanting to be in control and hold the bottle! I've tried Riley with a doidy cup as well, and 3 different types of bottle. Hoping he'll just take it one day so hubby can do one of the nights.

  • Just posted on the June forum for you hun
  • When Louise was in our room, he couldn't settle her. SHe knew I was there and would scream until I cuddled or fed her! The first time he settled her once in her own room (moved her on new years eve) it took ages for her to settle. We agreed that she would have to stop crying before he brought her into our room for a feed.

    I really didn't think that putting her into her own room would improve things but it has and I am getting much more quality sleep. BUT, I am lucky that my dh doesn't mind getting up to comfort her ot get her in the night even though he's gone back to work today.

    Louise was also born on the 12th, she has a bit of a temper at times too........
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