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Anyone got there LO on Hungry baby FF?

Hey, my LO 2 weeks old and she seems to guzzle her food down all day and night but now and agen pukes it up i think because she cant cope with the volume but once she has puked she wants more. Ive bought the hungry baby food by HIPP organic just wondering if anyone else used Hungry baby FF Thanx


  • I have used hungry baby milk, but on the advice from h/v. not until little one was much older though, think they recommend 8weeks plus(don't quote me on that though).
    One thing to watch out for is comstipation though. I used sma gold and had to change to aptimal hungry baby as sma made him struggle to poop!
  • I use it with my son, on the suggestion of my hv as he was so big and taking a lot for his age. She did say not to put him on until at least 6 weeks, he was almost 9 weeks when we started it and it took about a week for his system to get used to it. Having said that, he never really sicked up his feeds, just a hungry boy in general lol!
  • o balls, we have just bought it and hav no normal stuff left image
  • It might be ok, I don't know for sure, that's just what my hv told me. If you have nothing else theres not much you can do. It does say on the tin suitable from birth - that's the sma one that I use anyway xx

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  • i use it for my LO hes 10wks but have been doing him a few bottles of it since he was 4-5wks old. now he has it all the time.
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