When did you remove the newborn bit in the car seat?

I was wondering when you all removed the newborn head support cushion in your car seats? Isabelle is 19 weeks old and she is looking quite squashed with hers in now, but when we removed it although she looked so much more comfortable, when she fell asleep her head lolled forwards and I was worried that it wasn't supported properly.

What are your experiences?

If it makes a difference we have a Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix.

Thanks x


  • I think Cole was about 3 months when we took his away. He was looking a bit squashed up and his head control has always been good so we figured he'd be more comfy and he seemed quite happy. His head tends to loll to the side when he;s asleep though.

    How is Isabelle's head control? I wouldn't have taken Cole's head support away if he couldn't hold his head up.
  • Her head control is pretty good which is why we were happy to take it away but I was just concerned about it lolling forward when she asleep. Do they all babies do that?
  • We have a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix and lo is 4 1/2 months old (20 weeks) and we removed the head hugger last week as she looked squashed - we were almost cramming her in!
    Our lo's head doesn't seem to lol forward too much I think it goes to the side sometimes, in fact I think it's helped her with her head support as she's trying to lean forward in the seat and bring her head up by herself.
    Maybe when she next has a little nap put her in it to see what she's like.....?
  • I read the booklet for the Maxi-Cosi as we are the same lo seems all squashed and it says you can remove at 4/5 months. So should be okay huni. We are waiting a few more weeks as my lo is only 14 wks.

  • mines silver cross but we found fins head was cramed in so we took it out when he was about 3 and half months... he's alway had good head/neck control... when he falls asleep in car and i go round corner his head does fly from side to side which worried me abit but it doesnt seen to bother him...
  • My car seat says up to 5.5kg which is 12lbs 2oz. I've taken mine out andhe's 12 1/2 lbs
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