medowhall meet

did it happen? how did it go? i was sooooo looking forward to it but the odds were against me,lol
my eldest ran out of meds and i was surrounded by a chicken pox epedemic!,lol
my lil ones didnt get it but i wld have felt awful had i gone and everyones lo got the pox!

will there be another?


  • It didn't really happen!!! Due to a large amount of rubbishness on my part everyone forgot and arranged to do something else. I think princessjane and sara met up but that was it. We are planning on doing it again, with more organisation next time! Are you on facebook? Don't want to organise it on here in case our friend the troll is still lurking.
  • got rid of name, hope im not too

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  • I've sent you a friend request hun, you might want to edit your post and take your name off now, there's been a lot of weirdos about recently. Where abouts in Leeds are you? I live halfway between Leeds and Wakefield, Leeds county council but a Wakey address!!
  • Kerry - have managed to make facebook work (yay!) so am now on there too. I will email you my name so you can find me. Don't want to put it on here cos of all the trolls lately!

  • hi hun im on fb
    profile pic of me in mi bet lynch top,lol xx

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  • hi, id also love to come im rebecca marshall on facebook, sheffield network
  • hi all, me and jane and steph met up today and are thinking of doing it regular, if your interested either add us on facebook so can exchange numbers! etc xxxx
  • bedhead - iv changed my post. i live in healey, batley. dodgy area (im ok though,lol) and wakefield postcode. go
  • Shall we all add each other so we sort out a meet then? Is that the plan?
  • rebecca their r loads of rebecca marshalls on facebook under sheffield. do u wanna add me instead i think there is only one maybe easier! im under jane marie dunsdon under sheffield xx
  • I can't find I doing it wrong??? Katie (TallKatie) HELP!!!!

  • jellyfishpink, I am in Katie's friends list, the pic is of me and Milie sledging. I can have a look for you if you want, just tell me what your profile pic looks like, I know your first name so I can find it from that.
  • Hi Kerry

    It is me, hubby and Lily at her christening. I am soo rubbish at bad that I get my class of 6 year olds to help sort out the computer in my classroom when it doesn't do what I want it to do!
  • I've sent you a friend request.
  • bedhead can u send me a u may know this person request so i can add jellyfish too thanks x
  • Aww thanks Jane and Kerry. I really 'don't do computers' lol. I need a really simple explanation help me work it out... adding a profile pic was complicated!
  • I can when she accepts the friend request!!!
  • not sure if i added everyone will check now image
  • Hiya i'm also in the Sheffield area so i've added you on facebook if thats ok? would definatly like to meet up with everyone eventually.

    Lisa xxx
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