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oat allergy


Anybody had any dealings with this? Both my boys have an allergy/intollerance to milk/lactose and it now appears that the youngest may very well have an oat allergy (don't know about any other grains yet but chances are there may be another!)

He has been having ready brek (before we discovered allergy) in the mornings and as he's trying new foods etc we were putting down the occasional 'bum explosions' and smelly wind down to that. However, the last 2 occasions he's had ready brek he's been sick halfway thru and did the same last nite when I gave him a dinner which inc some heinz pasta shapes (the new multi-grain one!) and he was sick halfway thru. Oats and oatmeal have been the only co-inciding factor and he's absolutely fine on everything else.

Have read up a bit on it last night and some of the symptoms seem to fit but just wondered if anybody else has dealt with it?

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