was i being ott

This morning i put pippa to bed for a nap and went downstairs, and made dh come down as he'd been putting a blind up in the nursery. About an hour later i could hear her stiring (on the monitor) so go up to go get her and couldn't open the living room door. I told dh and he said don't be daft, and came to look and it wouldn't open, he went to get a screwdriver out of the kitchen and realised they were all upstairs, frantic couple of minutes and we found one in the kitchen, he took the door handle off and still couldn't open the door, and i could hear pippa starting to get upset. i told him to kick the door but then realised that wouldn't work as you pull the door to open, and couldn't go through the front door as there's a dead bolt on the back of it as we don't use it. I said i'm going to phone the fire brigade or police and he told me i couldn't as it's not an emergency and that's ott. I told hime he had five mins or i was phoning (taking into account she's only 21 weeks and was crying for a feed) he tried everrything and eventually he got the door open and i ran upstairs and she was sobbing. If he hadn't been there i really think i would have had to phone the police/fire brigade, but do you tat would have been ott, it was only 15 mins start to finish but i could just hear her getting more upset over the monitor
one day i will have a day where nothing happens

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  • if its any consolation i would have been exactly the same if not worse poor pippa! xx
  • i know i could just hear her getting more and more upset, as if to say where are you mum, she's ok now though been showing us how big she's getting by sitting up unsupported.
  • I think if you had locked yourself outside and lo was inside then that would warrant some emergency help, but not being locked inside.

    Why did your door get stuck?!
  • I don't think you were ott at all. If you couldn't open the door at all what's the differene between being inside or out? The baby is still on its own!
    Glad you're all OK now. xxx
  • Hey girlinleeds, I really don't think you were OTT in thinking to call the emergency services. You panicked which is quite natural as you were worried about the welfare of your daugher. What if your OH didn't get you out? What then............................ I would have done EXACTLY the same in your position.

    If this has happened and you were on your own, it seems that you would have had no other option but to do this. So what that you were locked inside rather than outside! Your lo was in another room and you couldn't get to her.

    I think it would have merited calling the emergency services. So it wasn't a life threatening situation but it was still an emergency situation


    PS Men always think us women over-reacted
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  • thanks laddies, when dh got the latch out the spring had broken and it was stuck in the out position, and because we we're on the inside of the door we couldn't get anything in to release the latch. Now have a handle less door and it's going to stay that way till fil gets home from holiday and can fit a new one.
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