Skin Cream Recommendations?


Just wondering if anybody could recommend a baby moisturiser? I like my LO to have fresh air every day & keep him well wrapped up but could do with a bit more protection on his face. His face can be a little dry so I'm looking for something moisturising & well as protecting.

Any thoughts? Thanks x


  • Hiya, just had this discussion on our forum.

    I use almond oil (not recommended by health professionals cos of the nut allergy thing, but we don't have allergies in our family as such and he's fine!) on his face and hair.

    Another I would recommend would be organic oils or olive oil. His skin will be all glistening and lovely!xx
  • i think johnsons do a baby face moisturiser,
    i use oilatum junior, not too greasy but stops skin getting dry. xx
  • Avent Magic Cream is ace, as gravida1 said it's pricy in Boots - ??4.98, but Tesco do it for ??2.94!! It goes on well, isn't greasy, and smells nice. Rhianna had a patch of dry skin on her leg a few weeks ago, and it was the only thing that cleared it up xx
  • We use aquaous vream on Ashton, its about ??2.50 for 500g in boots, also keep some in a little tub in his change bag for when we are out & about! xxxx
  • johnsons baby face moisturisers is soo lovely i keep nicking it, x
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