Calpol and jabs

Is it right that you are recommended to give calpol just before 8week jabs, to reduce reaction?


  • My hv suggested that you could give a dose before, but I agree with Spedshaw that I'd rather wait and see if it's needed. My lo didn't have a fever for either her 8-week or 12-week injections.
  • I didn't with the 8 week jabs and ended up with 3 weeks of unsettled sleep! So did give it with following jabs. I only wanted to give it if she needed it but wish I had given it when she had the 8 week ones now!

    The trouble is that every baby reacts differently!
  • I gave my lo half a teaspoon half an hour before and she was fine, just a bit sleepy for the rest of the day but was all smiles when she was awake. She had no high temp and slept just as normal waking once at 3.30 for a feed. It really is up to you, mum knows best image
  • hi, i have always given all 5 of my kids as babies a small dose of calpol at their early jabs. you can buy 2 month plus calpol which is designed for little ones. it really does help to settle them. but everyone is different. i just think that prevention is better than cure.xx
  • All 3 of my boys had Calpol half an hour before their jabs!
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